12 Effective Ways to Increase Traffic, Sales and ROI in 2020

  1. ConvertCart.com – my #1 recommendation for boosting website conversion rate. 31% average conversion rate lift within 6 months. A series of campaigns are launched on the website that address various areas that produce conversion drop offs. Ex.: Optin to email series popup/spinwheel, exit intent pops, exit surveys from pages, a more intelligent search box, personalized product recommendations, and more. Before – Search Prominence – Jeep World – Before

After – Search Sticky – Jeep World – After (Made more prominent and sticky – 15% higher conversion rate impact)
Exit Intent Example

  1. AddShoppers/Email retargeting – a great way to drive traffic back to your website where the user doesn’t optin to the popup.
  2. Facebook Lead Ads – phenomenal way to increase leads to your CRM, grow your email list, and drive sales off the backend. With the cost per lead and being low and the quality of the targeting, it’s a must. Client: GetCallers.com
  3. Listicle Traffic – perfect for lead gen or registration based advertisers but can work of sale based. These are blog posts that help people save money online with help apps or services. This is a goldmine if your conversion rate is strong enough to make the publisher a high EPC.
  4. Proactive Content Generation – the #1 way to increase your website’s organic traffic (SEO). There’s a direct correlation between the amount of content you post and your organic traffic. My agency sells content on a per article basis.
  5. Browser Push Traffic – its a powerful conversion tool and ability to bring an audience back to your site literally by pushing a button. OneSignal is a great platform for leveraging push traffic technology on your website. You can also potentially buy traffic from push traffic sources. Has to be tested to see if it converts well enough for the cost.
  6. Site Speed – this is an issue for 99.9% of company’s websites, they haven’t sped up their site as much as possible. See: CloudFlare (free CDN), Google Speed Tool. Google loves fast websites, it’s a better user experience. Great article on the importance of Site Speed.
  7. Google Display Network – the targeting is amazing. The traffic cost is typically very low. You can advertise into Youtube channels and on specific videos. You can advertise on targeted websites in your niche. You can advertise to the previous visitors of any urls, like competitors or related industries with your same audience (See Google Audience Targeting Options). There is scale here.
  8. Maximize Retargeting Display – Google display, product level based, video based, Native ad placements, Facebook/Instagram. Animated ads are good in display. Check out OutBrain for Native Ads retargeting.
  9. Facebook Lookalike Audiences – can be a good performer if the conversion rate is good enough. There’s scale with lookalike audiences. 
  10. Pinterest Shop Tab – this is a new feature Pinterest has added for users to shop products that they take pictures of or upload from their phone. Ecommerce merchants need to be listing their product catalogs on Pinterest to take advantage of this traffic source of relevant shoppers.
  11. Bing Ads – Don’t sleep on Bing Ads! Quality search traffic and at a lower cost that Google Ads. $100 free clicks coupon.

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