8 Ways to Make Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts More Productive

Hi all! Today I wanted to discuss some easy ways you can increase how effective you are as an affiliate marketer. As some of you may know I’m primarily into free methods for traffic generation, so nothing here costs money…usually just your time and effort. Let me know if you have any feedback on these ways to make your affiliate marketing efforts more productive.

1. Writing Articles, Posts, Content – Probably the best way to increase your affiliate earnings is to produce a lot of content on the topic or niche your are promoting. Writing frequent articles or blog posts can really ramp your traffic because the search engines like Google really value frequent, original content posting. Another great reason is the more physical pages you have on your site, the more “indexed” pages you will gain in the search results thereby increasing your overall traffic. It’s also a good idea to post unique version of those articles on sites like ezinearticles.com which can rank well in Google and add an inbound link to your site, which helps your site rank better. Over time, these are very effective ways to increase your free traffic and hence your affiliate earnings.

2. Social Bookmarking – Once you have posted articles or blog posts, you can then “bookmark” your posts to the top social bookmarking sites. This is important because it allows you to syndicate your content more broadly and get it shared and bookmarked by others. Please refer to my social bookmarking article for more detailed instructions on social book marketing techniques.

3. Social Networking – I’m sure you are already on Facebook and Twitter, so you need to leverage these sites to get your content shared, liked, commented on, and retweeted. By sharing your article pages and blog posts on Facebook and Twitter you can increase their syndication and possibly even make that content go viral if it’s compelling enough. Make sure to spend a great deal of time liking, sharing, commenting, and retweeting other people’s content so they will be more likely to share yours to others. Otherwise they won’t or just a little and that won’t get it done. When people share, like, comment on Facebook, their friends see that and it gets more traffic. Some of the top social networking sites you should be joined to are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and FourSquare.

4. Forum Posting – a great free way to increase your traffic is to join relevant online forums to your site’s niche and set-up your forum signature with links to your sites. Most forums allow a few links in your forum signature which people see and could click, not to mention it helps build up inbound links to your website which is good for your organic rankings. Being an active forum member can be great because you can build links quickly and easily if you comment a lot and start a lot of topics on the forum. Make sure to add valuable comments and topics or you will be banned. To find forums search “your niche forums” like pet forums and then join a bunch, set-up your signature in your Control Panel and start getting active!

5. Blog Commenting – Every niche has a ton of related blogs that you can post comments on to build your inbound links and traffic. Frequent blog commenting can really ramp your links and traffic because you are continually being pulled back to the blog by other’s comments and reminded to reply back by email. So you are always a click away from adding another comment. You can use Google Blog Search to find high ranking blogs that you can post comments to and link to your site. Make sure to leave really good comments or they won’t be posted to the site by the blog owner.

6. Build Your List – You should always be building a list of email address on your sites that can be messaged later with specials and promotions from your Affiliate Advertisers. There are many free plug-ins to handle the subscribing process, there are even pop-overs that launch when your site loads to prompt the visitor to join your list for valuable updates. There are some great WordPress blog plugins you can use to facilitate this here.

7. Learn to Type Faster – Typing speed can’t be under-valued in Affiliate Marketing because the faster you type the more content you can produce. Work on your typing speed by practicing typing articles and going as fast as possible on the keyboard. Also reading a lot can improve your ability to write easier and you will be better and busting out content and articles.

8. Learn from Others – a great way to make yourself a more effective Affiliate Marketer is to look at what other successful affiliates and bloggers are doing and emulate them. You can always find affiliate sites ranking in Google for various search phrases is you just run some search and see who is ranking. You can usually spot affiliate sites because they have affiliate banners on them, although not all sites run affiliate banners. Make sure to check out real affiliates and not those guys that claim to be able to teach you how they got rich with affiliate marketing because more of them are full of crap. So be careful of that.

These are a few suggestions to make you a more effective Affiliate Marketer. I hope you can employ these techniques to increase your website traffic and thereby increase your affiliate earnings. Please let me know if you have any questions at all. Thanks and have a great day. Now go out and build out the web with content! 🙂

CEO and Founder

Evan is the CEO and Founder of Experience Advertising. He has more than 20 years experience and background with ecommerce website marketing. His skill sets include: search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, conversion rate optimization, and other traffic driving and community building strategies.