Affiliate Manager Tip – Managing Super Affiliates Effectively

Everybody wants to work with Super-Affiliates, however very few affiliate managers and company owners know how to find them and bring them into your affiliate program. Most people considered super affiliates are very skilled, seasoned online marketers that have sites and blogs that have good rankings and know how to drive traffic. Other super-affiliates focus on PPC search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and MSN to drive pay per click search traffic to merchant’s sites to generate commissions. Some super affiliates do some of both when they find a product or service that converts and backs out to an effective cost per click and ROI for them. But the real question is how to manage super-affiliate properly. Most super affiliates have an advanced knowledge level of search engines and how to get rankings and so you have to relate to them on their level. Most novice affiliate managers or affiliate managers without good seo knowledge can find it difficult to relate to what a typical super-affiliate goes through or give them good suggestions. In order to properly relate to a very experience affiliate, you need to have a thorough understanding of organic/natural search, SEO, PPC, keyword research, and landing page design and optimization. If you can work with an affiliate effectively by providing the right keywords and effective landing pages/site to send the traffic to, you have a good chance at getting that particular affiliate producing sales or leads for your company.

Super-affiliates don’t always want to talk shop, in fact some think its quite insulting that affiliate managers only want to talk about business and not other areas of interest like where they are from or whats going on in the current events. It’s always good to ask an affiliate where they are from and a little about themselves and also to divulge to the affiliate something about yourself and your company, i.e. where you are from, the history of the conmpany, how the weather is…Builting a strong rapport with each affiliate, especially affiliates that have already produced well for you or have the potential to do so, is a must for a having a strong affiliate program. Getting to persoanlly know each and every affiliate in your program should actually be the main goal of any affiliate manager or whomever is running the program. This is just one good management technique for getting the most out of your affiliate program! Now go out and recruit and manage some super affiliates!

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