Affiliate Program Case Study: 520% Growth Since Taking Over OPM Management in 4 Months


One of the main reasons that the affiliate programs we manage perform so well is that the affiliate messaging we implement really motivates and inspires the affiliates of the program to get more active in promoting the advertiser we are representing. In this latest instance, we took over management of an existing affiliate program on one of the large affiliate networks we manage on (inquire to know which one). They already had a decent amount of super-affiliates in the program, but lacked a good messaging strategy to get them producing more. The client also wasn’t running enough promotions through their affiliates to get them moving. All types of affiliates love promotions, in fact some won’t even participate unless the company is running monthly or weekly promotions. Some companies are hesitant to run promotions and coupons through their affiliates because of “coupon affiliates” and how they operate, therefore you have to a good strategy for how each type of affiliate is being managed and being compensated to have a well-performing affiliate program. Once we were able to implement a great affiliate messaging and follow-up strategy, the program started really expanding quickly. We also implemented an affiliate prospecting strategy which utilized the affiliate network’s recruiting capabilities as well as targeted lists of affiliates, from sources like, to recruit relevant affiliates and publishers that brought the type of traffic to the site that the advertiser was looking for, i.e. targeted, fresh eyeballs.

The final area of improvement we brought to the table for the client was to provide a comprehensive list of suggestions and recommendations to increase their website’s overall conversion rate, which is the number of sales that are occurring for every 100 visitors. We were able to boost their conversion rate by 40% which led to a dramatic increase in sales for their affiliate program, as well as their other online advertising channels like Google, Bing, and Facebook. Needless to say, the company is extremely happy with what we did as an affiliate agency for them. They were also impressed due to the fact that they had used other “OPMs” in the past with not great results. We were able to generate large scale, incremental sales growth within 4 months which is quite fast through the affiliate channel.

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