Affiliate Program Management Basics – Choosing the Right Affiliate Management

Your affiliate program should be the most dynamic and actively growing aspect of your business. If it is not then you have issues that need to be addressed. Many companies rely on inhouse affiliate managers to work with, manage, and recruit new affiliates into their programs. However, most inhouse affiliate managers aren’t nearly proactive enough to effectively recruit affiliates by contacting sites and posting in forums. Most inhouse affiliate managers also don’t have enough experience or knowledge to work effectively with experienced SEO affiliates and webmasters. They also need to have a good amount of knowledge of SEO and HTML to be an effective affiliate manager working with novice affiliates or noobies. Outsourcing your affiliate management has to be with the right company to have the best chance to grow your affiliate program’s revenue into a significant channel for yor company (without too much cost involved). Most outsourced affiliate companies provide your company with what amounts to non-proactive inhouse affiliate managers minding your program, so unless you use an outsourced company with prove effective principles for effective management and recuiting, you are doing no more than outsourcing your inhouse affiliate manager to another company where you ave no supervision (so its actualy worse). Good affiliate program management should work with every affiliate in your program to make sure they are equipt with the knowledge to learn how to produce sales and then the guidance to produce sales but building sites and/or blogs and filling them up with valuable content and product reviews. Effective affiliate managers will ask their affiliates questions and get feedback on the program and how to make it better. Recruiting affiliates should be a constant effort to get new people excited about the program and putting up the banners and links on their sites. Affiliates have so many choices these days, you hve to seperate yourself from the rest of the affiliate programs out there by doing things like running contests and not being cheap with your affiliates. Performance incentives can be a good idea as well, and bonuses are always well-received by affiliates. You should hire a company like Experience Advertising to handle and manage your affiliate program because we take pride in growing affiliate programs into robust, revenue producing channels that only grow over time and become larger. If you are interested in having your affiliate program managed by industry experts that don’t charge an arm and leg, you should contact us for a free phone evaluation. We know we can provide the kind of service and proactive management that will grow and expand your affiliate program. Thanks for reading and now you know what you need to know to grow your affiliate program.

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