Affiliate Program Management Companies – Why You Should be Wary

I have really been hearing some horror stories about some other affiliate program management companies in the industry. The problem with these other companies is they put a 20-something year old, good looking girl affiliate manager on your program to communicate and work with your affiliates. This is part of the problem because how much can they actually know about SEO, PPC and site building…not a great deal. Then they want to charge 5-6k + a revenue share on the program, but what are they really doing for the program? Are they recruiting affiliates? Are they posting on forums to meet new affiliates and webmasters? The answer is a resounding NO. When you hire an affiliate program management company you want vast experience and a large rolodex of affiliates to bring into the program. You also want someone managing that has a wealth of knowledge and information about how to best grow and manage your affiliates. You also want a company that is very proactive in bringing in new affiliates into the program.

Here are some of the other affiliate program management companies beside Experience Advertising:
– Pepperjam management
– Partnercentric
– WatchdogAM
– Paulson Maangement Group
– Mad Hatter

There are a few others, but none have the experience or knowledge that Experience Advertising has to manage and grow your affiliate program like it should be done. This is only my opinion, it’s up to you. Another great point is we charge half the cost to manage your affiliate programs as these other companies. For a free consultation on affiliate program management service, call Evan at 954-662-8010 or email: Now go out and hire a great affiliate program management company to take your revenue to the next level and beyond!

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