Affiliate Program Management Essentials – How to Manage Affiliates

Affiliate program management is defined as working with your affiliates in order to make them produce sales or leads. There are many different aspects of good affiliate program management. Most companies do a very poor job of inhouse affiliate management because the staff they have handling it are inexperienced and lack proactive attributes. One of the primary objects of managing affiliates is to get to know your affiliates personally and build a strong working relationship with them. See, affiliates have thousands of good affiliate programs to choose from and you have to give them a reason to work on your project. If you merely send monthly newsletters and an occasional email saying Hi it’s never enough. Effective affiliate managers with seek to personally get to know each and every affiliate in the program regardless of experience or ability. This approach will give you a broad base of producing affiliates and a volume of traffic over time. If your internal affiliate managers are sitting around staring at their computers not contacting people, you have a problem with your current affiliate program management. Another good tactic aimed at increasing affiliate productivity is running affiliate sales contests. We will get into the finer points of running contests in later posts. Excellent affiliate managers spend about half their time reaching out to new prospective affiliates, via contacting sites or posting on forums, and the other half managing current affiliate relationships. Contacting relevant sites about become an affiliate of your company is a great technique, however the response rate tends to be low so you need to contact hundreds of sites at a time to a get a good response. Most inhouse affiliate managers get discouraged about the low response rate but its a volume game and needs to be continued. Posting on forums is another super way to meet affiliates. Most inhouse affiliate managers find it tedious but they couldn’t be more wrong. If you are interested in managing and growing your affiliate program properly, please contact us today for a free evaluation. Ask for Evan: 954-662-8010. We work on a monthly fee basis, however we charge about 1/2 that of our competitors, not there really are any that do it like we do it! Now get out there and drive some affiliate traffic!

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