Analyzing Affiliate Marketing Techniques

Affiliate Marketing has become a useful tool for advertising and exposure over the world wide web. Through the use of web publishers (affiliates) utilizing formal advertising methods, merchants create traffic to their product or services. In return merchants reward the publisher sites with commissions or other types of rewards.

In short, affiliate marketing is using one website to drive traffic to another. Affiliate websites help steer potential customers to the merchant or brand seller. Methods used in affiliate marketing include search engine optimization; improving traffic via algorithmic search results, search engine marketing; promotion through paid placement and email marketing; a form of direct marketing. These methods have driven online marketing to new levels.

Strategies in affiliate marketing are varied underneath the umbrella of the three major methods outlined above. The Pay per Click (PPC) model is when merchants or affiliates pay only when an ad is clicked. It is measure by Cost Per Click, the amount of money a merchant will pay out for that single click.

Price Comparison Services allow individuals to evaluate lists of prices for specific prices while Loyalty sites offer discounts and other incentives to encourage continued patronage to a business or merchant. Similar incentives and rebates also improve sales promotions for merchants. Creating sites that promote a particular niche allow advertisers to focus on a particular demographic.

Weblogs and website syndication feeds offer commentary and rhetoric to promote products and services. In some cases these blogs offer a trusted brand in itself depending on the author’s readership.

Shopping directories that list merchants, products, and services without any use of coupons, price comparisons or other features allows for low maintenance websites that don’t have to update a constant change in information. Websites have also have been created to do the work through the use of generic adbars.

Social networks are the newest to enter the fray, offering large viewership and plenty of empty space to fill with all sorts of affiliate-style methods of advertising. A new method that has spawned out of social networks is the use of virtual currency that is handed out in a game or virtual platform coupled with an advertisers offer.

As the methods and strategies for Internet marketing grow, it is apparent the affiliate marketing will grow with it. It has even become a business in itself. Affiliate Services have been created to act as the go-between in the search for new consumers, creating the race for the next best method to reaching out to consumers.

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