Best SEO Content Writers in the United States

Best SEO Content Writers in the United States
Best SEO Content Writers in the United States

Best SEO Content Writers in the United States

Have you ever purchased something that you had to assemble, only to discover that although the instructions were in English, they somehow didn’t make much sense?  All the words are there, you understand what they all mean independently of each other, but something about the order of the words renders the instructions completely useless.  You resign yourself to piecing together your new purchase by trial and error.  What impression did that give you of the product you had just spent your hard-earned money on?

English is King

In today’s globalized world, most of us realize that English dominates.  After all, English is the most spoken language in the world.  If you’re reading this post in its original language, you too are one of the 15% of people across the world that speaks English.  Many speakers of other languages put a big emphasis on English language learning, and will even try and sell their products and services to English-speaking consumers.

English is also the language of the internet. As of July 2020, it is estimated that a whopping 59.9% of all websites are available in the English language.  This has created a huge market for English SEO content writing.  Just as there are many websites vying for English-speaking content writers, there are many non-native English-speaking writers trying to tap into this industry expected to be worth a staggering $412 billion by 2021.

Content for Content’s Sake?

The whole point of hiring a SEO content marketing agency is to produce content for your business or website, right?  Wrong.  The point is to generate quality, targeted content to drive traffic and conversions.  Content in and of itself has very little value. Furthermore, poorly-written or just-plain bad content can actually be incredibly harmful to your brand in more ways than one.

If English is your native language, do you speak a second language?  Could you translate this post in its entirety into your second language without making any errors?  If you can answer yes to that last question, that is incredibly rare!  The fact is, second languages are tough, and there is a reason why translators generally don’t translate into a language other than their native tongue.

The same holds true for writing. Even though translating someone else’s words is more difficult, writing in a second language is no small feat, let alone at professional level.  Outsourcing your SEO content writing to non-native English writers is likely not a sound investment, no matter how inexpensive it ends up being.  Even if the writer’s English is good, it likely won’t be at the same level as a native English-speaking SEO content writer.  That’s not to say there aren’t excellent English writers who are non-native English speakers, but rather that they are difficult to find.

Pitfalls of Poorly-Written Content

Think back to the example of the nonsensical English instructions at the beginning of this post.  You may have purchased their product, but would you give them your repeat business?  Would you recommend that brand to your friends and family?  Also, if they can’t even get the instructions right, where else are they cutting corners in the name of the almighty dollar?  

This highlights some key points about Best SEO content writing as well, and the consequences that poorly-written content can have on your brand, including:

  • The curse of the one-time customer.  They took a chance, but now they’re turned off and it will likely be even more difficult to convince them to give you the time of day in the future.
  • Word of mouth isn’t always a good thing.  All you can hope is that your content isn’t so bad that people you once eyed as potential clients aren’t sharing your poorly-written content with their friends as a joke.
  • Perceived lack of quality.  If your content is lackluster, whose to say your products and services aren’t either?

Your content is a direct reflection of your brand, and if your content is poorly-written, your brand will be poorly-received.  Don’t let your brand image fall victim to clunky, confusing content.

Content Writers Should Know Your Audience

We’ve established it’s best to go with native English speakers for your SEO content writing, but what about English speakers from “across the pond”?  Surely an English, Australian, or even Canadian SEO content writer could produce content for my brand!

Without getting too deep into linguistics, culture and language are inextricably intertwined.  Even though people from a whole host of other countries are native English-speakers, they have cultural differences that often inform their linguistic differences.  There are not only differences in spelling, but also differences in grammar, differences in meaning, and even entirely different idiomatic expressions or sayings.  Those differences can leave visitors (your potential customers) wondering what it is they just read.

Just as non-native English speakers are trying to tap in to the booming industry of content writing, so too are many native English speakers based outside of the United States.  American English is the most popular variation of English in the world.  Even a lot of folks in European countries favor American English vocabulary.  It’s not surprising that many native English-speaking SEO content writers outside of the U.S. are trying to tap into the U.S. market.  But again, the likelihood of coming across such a writer who is skilled in writing for U.S. audiences is slim.

Even if you manage to come across such worldly non-U.S.-based SEO content writer who is able to overcome both linguistic and cultural differences, they need to be well-informed on your particular market segment in your region. Imagine an Australian SEO content writer tasked with writing content for your U.S.-based health insurance company’s blog.  This requires rather specific prior knowledge about the U.S. healthcare industry, which as we all know is incredibly complex.

When it comes to the best SEO content writing for your brand or business, stick with writers who share the same variation of the language your customers speak.  If your company is based in the United States, stick to SEO content writers in the U.S.  After all, as the British say, horses for courses!  (In case you’re lost, that means that different people excel at different things.)

U.S.-Based Content Writers for Your Brand

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