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Experience Advertising Affiliate Management Case Studies
At Experience Advertising, we take pride in managing and growing affiliate programs to their fullest potential for our Advertisers. We use many proven techniques and strategies to increase production of current affiliate producers, increase participation of affiliates in the program not currently producing, and recruiting new affiliates into the program. Here are just a few of our success stories from the recent past. Note: Company’s names have been omitted to protect these statistics from their competitors.


Case Study #1: Affiliate revenue growth leading up to Holiday Season

Experience Advertising took over this CJ program in August of 2008, just prior to the holiday sales season. A combination of sales promotions, coupon codes, commission increases, and affiliate recruiting enabled this company to have huge holiday sales in 2008. Since the 2008 holiday season, active affiliate producers have increased by 50% and overall affiliates are trending upward leading up to the 2009 Holiday sales season. In order to pump up affiliate sales for 2009, we are running a huge affiliate sales contest, recruiting new affiliates from our database and the CJ network, and working with individual affiliates personally to increase the number of producers in the program. This will lead to a significant increase in the November and December Holiday sales months for 2009.


Case Study #2: Significant Affiliate sales growth achieved in 5 months

Experience Advertising took over the management of this CJ account in June of 2009. We have been recruiting new affiliates from our database of affiliates and increasing the number of overall producers by reaching out to affiliates on a personal basis. We have provided affiliates vanity coupon codes, free original content promoting the Advertiser, and individual training in order to achieve significant affiliate sales growth in just 5 months time. We will continue employing our affiliate management techniques on a daily basis to growth affiliate participation and sales leading up their seasonally busy time of year.


Case Study #3: Significant Year over Year Affiliates Sales and Participation Increases

Experience Advertising has been managing this parenting niche affiliate program since launching on Commission Junction in 2008. Since September 2008, affiliate sales have increases almost 300% in September 2009. This excellent affiliate sale growth was achieved by intensive affiliate management consisting of: affiliate training, keyword research, PPC affiliate training, affiliate recruiting, and affiliate relationship building. This affiliate program now has over 200 regular producers on a monthly basis and over 500 affiliates sending traffic on a monthly basis. This particular merchant has a very strict affiliate PPC policy, so most of the sales are generated through organic search, site placements, and affiliates utilizing social media.

Case Study #4: New Launch Affiliate Sales Growth Just Prior to Busy Season

This merchant was launched just prior to one of their seasonal busy times. In order to ramp up quickly and capitalize on this, we reached out to our affiliate database and brought in several large affiliate producers. Through a combination of coupon codes, well-designed banners, and affiliate relationship building, we were able to ramp up quickly to capitalize on their Summer- time seasonality. This merchant also does well during the Holiday Season, so we are doing several things to pump up affiliate participation including: affiliate recruiting, holiday sales contest, affiliate relationship building, vanity coupon codes, and unique content for affiliates about the merchant. By using these affiliate management techniques, we will be able to increase affiliate participation and therefore sales leading up to November and December.


Case Study #4: New CJ Program Launch Success

Experience Advertising is responsible for successfully launching numerous Advertisers onto the Commission Junction network on a yearly basis (probably more than any other OPM). Your initial CJ launch is very important and must be done properly in order to ensure a great start. In this particular instance, we were able to grow affiliate sales month over month each month of the initial launch period. We used the following affiliate management techniques to make sure this new affiliate program launch went successfully including: affiliate recruiting from our affiliate database, redesigning merchant’s entire website to increase conversion rates, designed excellent banners with a high click-through rate, provided keyword research and unique content directly to affiliates.


Case Study #5: Steady Growth of Existing Affiliate Program on Commission Junction

Experience Advertising took over this affiliate program in mid-2008 and immediately started building relationships with existing affiliates to increase production. We strategically offered higher payout levels to top performing affiliates in the CJ network in order to inspire production increases. Another very successful technique used to increase participation was to assign unique coupon codes and dedicated landing pages for all affiliates that were interested. We were able to grow affiliate sales numbers almost 30% from September 2008 to September 2009 in a sluggish economy.


Experience Advertising is committed to growing the affiliate programs of our clients through using proven, successful strategies and good old-fashioned hard work. We use a combination of proactive management techniques, affiliate recruiting, and affiliate program restructuring to achieve significant results for our clients. We believe in actually doing a lot of the work for our affiliates like building sites and providing original content and articles. We pride ourselves on being friendly, knowledgeable, and available to our affiliates on a 24-7 basis. We believe that affiliates should never have to wait for anything and should be catered to at every turn. We provide free affiliate tools, affiliate resources, personalized training, and proven affiliate strategies to our affiliate universe. We believe in never charging affiliates for anything we provide. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your affiliate management needs. We look forward to working with your company!

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