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Best Home Decor Affiliate Program

LightingReimagined.com has Chosen Experience Advertising as OPM for Affiliate Management on Impact

By CEO and Founder / 11:46 am

Hey there and thanks for checking out this post! Exciting news, our agency, Experience Advertising, has taken over the affiliate program management responsibilities for the LightingReimagined.com affiliate program on the Impact affiliate network. This is a great performing affiliate program in the home decor niche and is a proven performer for affiliates of all types.…

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Affiliate Program Management Case Study

Affiliate Program Management Case Study: 75% Year Over Year Grow on the CJ Affiliate Network

By CEO and Founder / 12:08 pm

Hello and thanks for checking out this post. If you run an affiliate program, then you know how hard it is to both recruit new, quality affiliates and get your current ones producing more so. Whenever you’re looking to grow an affiliate program, you should be looking to grow it annually. Affiliate programs grow annually…

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Shopify Digital Marketing

Finding the Best Digital Advertising Agency to Market Your Shopify Store

By CEO and Founder / 9:26 am

Finding the Best Digital Advertising Agency to Market Your Shopify Store One of the biggest draws of Shopify is that it is a one-stop-shop for everything related to managing your online business. But a successful marketing strategy doesn’t just maintain your business; it grows your customer base, and for that, you need a great digital…

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Affiliate Program Revenue Growth

CJ Affiliate Program Management OPM Case Study – DTC and B2B Brand

By CEO and Founder / 12:09 pm

Hello and thanks for checking out this post! One of our core services at Experience Advertising is affiliate program management or OPM services. We do manage on multiple affiliate platforms, both affiliate networks and inhouse affiliate programs, but our affiliate platform of choice is CJ Affiliate. In this CJ Affiliate program management (OPM) case study,…

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Best Tool for Recruiting Affiliate Marketers

Looking to Recruit Affiliate Marketers and Web Publishers? Check out PublisherFinders.com

By CEO and Founder / 6:51 pm

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out this post. There’s an amazing new tool available for brands, advertisers, and merchants looking to find new affiliate marketers, web publishers, and influencers for their affiliate programs: PublisherFinders.com. Finding good affiliates, affiliate marketers, and publishers is one of the hardest parts of growing an affiliate program. Anyone that has…

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CJ Affiliate Network Managed by the Best OPM

CJ Affiliate Program Case Study: 57% Year over Year Revenue Growth of a Mature Affiliate Program

By CEO and Founder / 10:42 am

Hey there! Thanks for taking a look at our latest CJ affiliate program case study. In this affiliate program growth case study, an ecommerce company in the auto industry, you will see impressive year over year revenue growth in a post-pandemic environment. This particular affiliate program grew tremendously during the pandemic, as most ecommerce website’s…

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How to Grow an Affiliate Program or Network

16 Types of Affiliate Marketers You Can Partner With to Grow Your Affiliate Program Huge

By CEO and Founder / 8:57 am

16 Types of Affiliate Marketers You Can Partner With to Grow Your Affiliate Program Hey there! Thanks for reading my latest post. Growing a large, productive affiliate marketing channel is a great idea if you go it about it correctly. The bottom line is that not all affiliates are the same (nor should they paid…

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Finding the Best Influencer Marketing Agency for Shopify Brands

By CEO and Founder / 7:59 pm

You’ve heard about it. Maybe you’re telling yourself that this is the year you’ll really make it work for you. Maybe you’re still not sure exactly what it is or why your business needs it. Influencer marketing is more than just a social media trend – it’s a real driver of interest, profits, and customer…

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How to Run a Holiday Social Media Sweepstakes

5 Steps to Running an Effective Social Media Sweepstakes for the Holiday Shopping Season

By CEO and Founder / 9:45 am

Hey there and thanks for checking out our latest post on running sweepstakes during the holiday shopping season! Companies are always wondering how to really ramp up their social media strategies, build their audiences, and create excitement for their company without breaking the bank. Therefore, I wanted to share with you this quick, effective, proven,…

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Finding the Best Shopify Digital Advertising Agency

Finding the Best Shopify Digital Advertising Agency

By CEO and Founder / 4:03 pm

Finding the Best Shopify Digital Advertising Agency If you’re wondering how to market your Shopify store, you’re probably either thinking of starting up a store, in the early stages of getting your Shopify store going, or looking for some new strategies to get your store noticed. Wherever you are in the process, there’s one thing…

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