How Affiliate Should Choose Merchants to Promote

This is always the first question on the mind of a new affiliate but occasionally come up to super-affiliates, “Which Merchants should promote.” This question has changed over time, but still remains constant that you should promote product people want and need. For example, software is always being downloaded on the internet and there are great margins in software products. Tax services is a good one as well because every year people will need to file their taxes. Insurance is always in demand by consumers either looking for a new policy or evaluating their options. Seasonal purchases are winners, such as flowers, chocolate, and gifts for Valentines Day. Also of course Christmas and holiday gifts are very big online. Another great niche are online personals and dating, this has remained a large part of internet life. Try to look for niches without a lot of competitors. When you see a new affiliate program, join it and then build a page on your site for that merchant and product. Write a few paragraphs of good sales copy about the products and do a good job of Pre-selling to the visitors.

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