How Effective Influencer Marketing Leads to Revenue, Sales and ROI

How Effective Influencer Marketing Leads to Revenue, Sales and ROI

What does it take for a company to succeed online today? Sales and steadily increasing revenue are as crucial as they’ve always been. The proliferation of e-commerce, though, has made marketing online more vital than ever. In the past, companies relied on advertising channels like newspaper or magazine articles and ads, and TV commercials, to reach an audience of potential consumers. But with mobile devices in the hand of every future customer, and with the potential to reach an audience at any time and across a variety of new platforms, advertising has moved online. Online advertising is always evolving. Effective influencer marketing is a huge part of this evolution. Hiring an influencer marketing agency to implement influencer marketing and other online PR strategies into your marketing plan can help you find sustained success online.

An influencer marketing agency can find the best online influencers, bloggers, journalists, and digital media contacts for your industry or niche. At Experience Advertising, we’ll use our extremely large database of social influencers and bloggers in a wide range of industries, and online editors and journalists to select the perfect influencer marketers for your company. We will also actively recruit new influencers to promote for our clients. Then we manage these promoters and get them promoting creative, exciting online marketing campaigns.

An array of quality online influencers and bloggers promoting for your company will build up relevant content across the web, and increase the number of quality links for your business or brand. Having on-site and off-site posting strategies for promotional material and targeted content is crucial in an online marketing campaign. We will strategize with you and come up with customized, optimized influencer campaigns to best fit the audiences of your various influencers – who are your ideal audience and future customers.

Reaching your ideal audience will drive relevant traffic back to your site. Working with Experience Advertising, a proven-effective influencer marketing and online PR agency, can help you reach the audience you want, with the message you want to get across to them. Rather than placing an ad that your ideal customer may or may not see, reach out to them and then have them come to you.

The increase in relevant traffic to your site will correlate to increased leads and sales, and increased revenue for your company. And that’s the goal. But how you get there matters – and by working with an effective influencer marketing agency, you can get there without wasting time and effort.

Get the right social media and web influencers, the right promotional campaign and content, reach the right audience, and see increased conversion rates and revenue. Success! With the right online PR and influencer marketing agency, it’s a cinch. For an influencer marketing consultation, call: 954-662-8010. Contact us for more information on influencer marketing, online PR, and the other services we offer as a full service digital marketing agency. Work with Experience Advertising and see the marketing results you want with your influencer marketing strategies!

Experience Advertising works with social media influencers and web influencers in the following categories: fashion influencers, beauty influencers, style influencers, parenting influencers, mommy influencers, baby influencers, education influencers, travel influencers, technology influencers, and more. This is just a small list of the various types of social media influencers we work with on behalf of our clients.

Finding and Recruiting Social Media Influencers and Bloggers

Finding and Recruiting Social Media Influencers and Bloggers

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