How Much ROI Do Affiliate Programs Produce – Affiliate Return on Investment

Affiliate programs generally will produce a great amount of ROI or return on investment over the long haul if managed properly. It really depends on how well your products or services convert for affiliates and how much affiliates can generally make in commissions with your offer (Your EPC or Earning per hundred clicks). A good deal of this depends on how well your website converts and the demand of your products or services. Assuming your company has a good converting product that’s relatively in demand, you can expend an excellent return on investment from your affiliate channel over time. You need to give your affiliate program between 3-6 months to really gain some traction with affiliates. We recommend launching on one of the major affiliate networks like Commission Junction, Linkshare or Shareasale.
Your affiliate program should be a significant focus for your company, simply because your affiliate program is your sales force on the web. If you take care of and manage your affiliates properly, with the right tools and attention levels, you can expect to grow a loyal affiliate base that produces for your company long into the future. A truly well-managed affiliate program should continue to grow and produce more revenue every year. By getting more and more affiliates involved, by recruiting them into your program, you can expect to see increases in the production of your affiliate program year over year. If you are not seeing this type of growth or your affiliate program is stagnating, it’s likely due to poor management and/or lack of affiliate recruiting.
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