How to be a Real Good Social Networker

Hey everyone! Here is my presentation from the Social Media Summit in Miami a couple of week ago. It was a great event and a really nice turn-out. Let me know you thoughts or questions…I hope its beneficial!

Social Networking Strategies:
– Make Social Networking Part of Your Daily Routine
– Add Friends, Followers, Connections – Pro-actively
– Like, Share, Comment, Retweet, Digg, Buzz…for others
– Post to Blog then Share on Facebook, Twitter, Digg et al

Social Networking Tips:
– Edit Your Facebook Updates Max Option
– Robin Good RSS Submissions to Syndicate Content
– Launch Your Own Facebook Fan Pages
– Read Daily
– Mass Friend Invites to Your Networks
– Mass Friend Invites to Your Fan Pages
– Instruct Friends How to do Mass Invites
– Run Contests & Promotions to Fan Base
– ‘Like’ Interesting Articles on the Web

Social Media Must Have Tools:
– – Update Multiple Networks at Once
– WordPress Social Plug-ins & Like Buttons
– TweetDeck, HootSuite, Co-Tweet
– – Automates Bookmarking
– Mass FB Friend Invite Javascript Code
– Google Alerts – Instant Content Notification
– Social Networks
– Facebook Connect, Like, Recommend Integration

How to Be a Productive Networker:
– Learn to Type Really, Really Fast
– Become a Better Writer of Concise Thoughts
– Stick and Move – Float Like a Butterfly, Sting..
– Proactively Friend, Message, Interact
– Be Prolific – Channel Your Inner Jimi Hendrix
– Be Brilliant – Impress with Finesse
– Think Before Doing – Don't be Negative
– Be Bigger, Badder, and More Awesome!
– Work Your Freakin Butt Off!!!

Let me know if you have any questions what so ever about how to be a really great social networker!

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