Drive in More Targeted, Organic Google Traffic Website

How to Drive in More Targeted, Organic Google Traffic to your Website
How to Drive in More Targeted, Organic Google Traffic to your Website

How to Drive in More Targeted, Organic Google Traffic to your Website

Do you need more targeted traffic? What about traffic that does not cost you per-click? And how about traffic that comes directly to your site from searches in your area or around the world? If you want to see an increase in sales and more revenue this year, more of this kind of traffic — targeted, free/organic traffic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo — is exactly what you need. 

Harnessing organic traffic from the top search engines and driving targeted consumers to your website is one of the most effective ways to maximize online advertising opportunities today. How does it work? Let us say you’re looking for a new kitchen table. So, you grab your phone and search for “best kitchen tables.” Or maybe you type in “kitchen tables for sale near me.” Scrolling through the options, you decide to check for the most affordable choices for your price point. You find one you like, read through some reviews on the website, and save the link for later. That night as you are reading through the latest news, an ad from the website you were browsing catches your eye. Oh yeah, the table. You show it to your spouse and decide that’s the one you want. 

Was the ad a coincidence? Did the website first pop up at the top of your search results randomly? No – the steps from your initial search to your final purchase were all made possible by search engine optimization and comprehensive online marketing strategies. The small business owner has enough relevant SEO content built up on his site that when a person searches for affordable kitchen tables in their city, the business owner’s website comes up near the top of the search results. When you clicked on his website link, it did not cost him anything. Online searchers are driven to his website every day, for free, thanks to the algorithms on Google and other popular search engines. These site visitors – people searching locally or globally for custom-made tables to buy – are his target consumer audience. He adds new content regularly, adjusting it to reflect trends and popular searches. The traffic that is driven to his site is made up of people who are looking for what he sells and may be ready to buy soon. Then, when a site visitor leaves the website, they are retargeted with reminder ads, like the one you saw later that night. SEO content and digital marketing strategies form a full-service digital advertising agency can make the whole process – from search to sale – seamless. 

Just as you might be searching for a new table on your phone, many others are also finding and ordering what they need online more than ever. And if you have a business or a brand, you not only need to reach the people who will want what you’re offering, but reach them right as they’re looking to learn more and/or make a purchase. You need to make sure your site comes up among the relevant search results, and that it ranks well across the search engines that are used the most. You need to make sure that you are reaching the right audience, that the people visiting your site are the ones who are looking for your products or services. And you will want to see that they are coming back to your site to place an order after browsing, or as returning customers. You can do this when you make the most of search-engine optimized content and online content marketing, which means you should:

 Add new content to your website

The content you’ve got now may be good, but it never hurts to add some great new traffic-driving content to your site. In fact, it’s what you should be doing consistently if you want a top-performing website. A website without new content can be designated by Google as not active enough, and it may lack the frequent, relevant updates necessary to be a contender in the 24/7 world of online searching. Adding re-optimized product descriptions and homepage content to your website can be a good change. Adding a blog – or dusting off that corner of your site – can help more online searchers find you while adding large amounts of the relevant content search engines look for. And adding videos and other types of well-raking content can help to build up your website and keep the organic Google search engine traffic flowing in.   

Let SEO content work for you

Updating your website’s content regularly is important, but the type of content you are adding can make or break you. Content that’s search-engine-optimized for Google is what you need if you want to see more targeted, organic traffic over time. And what is really great about SEO content is that it stays on your site forever. Not only can it start bringing in relevant, targeted search engine traffic once you post it, it can continue to do so for months and years down the line. While you are busy at work or even while you’re asleep, SEO content is working for you. Long after it has been paid for, SEO content is still working for you. Even after it’s brought in a bunch of new customers, SEO content is still a driving force for your website. 

Target (and re-target) effectively

By adding content that is meant to reach your ideal audience, you’re not wasting your time or your digital advertising budget. Targeted SEO content makes it easy for your website to draw in people who are looking for what your business or brand has, and who are likely to take action on your site. By using other online advertising strategies like retargeting, you can reach out to these interested site visitors again with ads, email offers, newsletters and more, encouraging them to buy and buy again. 

Hire and online marketing agency

Let an expert digital marketing agency help you get started driving in more of the traffic you need. At Experience Advertising, Inc., we strive to increase Google search engine traffic for our clients’ websites. We believe that targeted, organic traffic is the best kind of traffic there is, and our SEO content marketing services can help you start seeing more of it. Contact us today or call: 954-662-8010 for a complimentary digital marketing consultation. Bring in more targeted traffic that is organic/free to your website with content marketing from Experience Advertising, Inc.  

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