How to Grow Your Affiliate Program through Outsourced Affiliate Program Management

How to Grow Your Affiliate Program through Outsourced Affiliate Program Management

Let’s talk about traction in your affiliate program and how to grow your affiliate program. Traction is what should be happening in your affiliate marketing program – the number of active, producing affiliates you retain should be growing. And each of those affiliates should become more productive, and more skilled at promoting your product. The affiliate channel is designed to grow. When managed effectively, affiliate channels do what they are meant to do – gain traction and increase your revenue over time. So how do you get your affiliate program to do this? A proven effective method is to outsource your affiliate program to an experienced affiliate management agency.

Experience Advertising is a leading affiliate management agency. Our record of success in affiliate management, growing e-commerce companies, and all things digital marketing makes hiring us to handle your affiliate program a smart move. We take a proactive approach to affiliate management. Some agencies don’t put the required effort into properly managing an affiliate program, don’t bring in enough new affiliates, and let the programs they manage idle. That’s not good enough for us, and it shouldn’t be good enough for you either. At Experience Advertising, we believe in moving forward – and we do the work to actively and sustainably grow our clients’ affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing is a constantly growing and changing channel. There are more opportunities than ever to promote your business, product, or brand online. Effective affiliates are assets and can help you to increase your revenue, but affiliates follow the lead of their program manager – hard-working, dedicated affiliates start with a hard-working, dedicated affiliate manager. A good affiliate manager should be able to strategically manage your program by:

  • Implementing effective strategies

A good affiliate manager should be experienced enough to know what works and what is proven to have the best returns and, from that, be able to select the best options for your industry or niche. Experience Advertising creates marketing plans that are customized to the needs and goals of each of our clients. We develop strategies that will work best for you.

  • Solving any existing problems

A good affiliate manager will be able to identify any problems or roadblocks in your current affiliate marketing strategy, and steer you in the right direction instead. The best affiliate managers can also anticipate future obstacles to your program’s growth and take action against them.

  • Recruiting ideal affiliates

You want the right kind of affiliates, the ones who will reach the audience you want as customers. Experience Advertising leverages our vast network of affiliates for our clients, to match them up with the affiliates they are looking for.

  • Doing the proper administrative work

Affiliates need to be educated, messaged, and checked in on. Payments have to be managed. Leads and sales may have to be verified. Affiliates have questions from time to time, and they need to have someone who is there with answers. When this aspect of affiliate marketing isn’t handled well, it can mean valuable promotional time and energy is lost. At Experience Advertising, we are available to all of our affiliates 24/7 through email, LiveChat, Skype and by telephone – we help them with what they need so they are top producers.

When managed correctly, the affiliate marketing channel is a great thing. The affiliate program managers at Experience Advertising ensure that affiliate programs do what they are made to do – gain traction and make money for our clients. Contact us for an affiliate management consultation, or call: 954-662-8010, and get your affiliate program moving forward today!

This post is primarily about managing affiliate program by using effective affiliate managers. Only by using affiliate managers that use the right types of techniques and strategies to grow an affiliate program, does affiliate program growth occur. If you are looking for the best affiliate program managers in the industry contact Experience Advertising today for a free discussion and proposal. We will have your affiliate marketing program growing with new affiliates and a higher level of producing affiliate marketers across the board. For the top affiliate managers for networks like CJ, Linkshare, Sharesale, and inhouse affiliate program, Experience Advertising is the only agency that can get the job done effectively, without relying on coupon affiliates and browser extensions.    

How to Grow Your Affiliate Program through Outsourced Affiliate Program Management

How to Grow Your Affiliate Program through Outsourced Affiliate Program Management

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