How to Have Really Good SEO on Your Company Website

SEO or search engine optimization has been around for over 10 years now, but there are more “SEO” companies out there than ever. How do you filter through the crap to get to what’s a good strategy? SEO is an overall philosophy and a strategy that your website needs to have. Ask yourself: “What is my SEO strategy?” If you don’t have one you need to be kicked in the head. If you have an SEO strategy, what is it and how effective is it really? SEO should be probably the #1 focus of your website in order to generate more free traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. You should constantly be adding fresh, new content to your site in the form of articles and product reviews. It’s also a great idea to launch a forum on your site to encourage user-generated content, which brings in more free traffic and gets the search engine spiders coming back more frequently. Your articles and content should have an RSS feed enabled so you can “syndicate” your articles out on the web and gain subscribers to your content. This in itself can generate a tremendous amount of content over time.

Having a nice amount of inbound links to your site can make your site rank better by having more “link popularity.” However your shouldn’t just go out and submit your site to a bunch of directories. And you shouldn’t rent a bunch of links from just any sites out there with PR. You should encourage the companies you do business with to link to your site. You can also conduct efforts to post on forums and blogs that are related to your site to gain more inbound links. This is very time-consuming but can be well-worth it over time on the right sites. You have to be very careful if you outsource link building, I wouldn’t suggest letting any outside company do this for you. Inbound link acquisition should be something you handle inhouse as a concerted effort to grow your inbound links over time.

Making sure your website itself has really good “search engine optimization” is absolutely critical. The majority of your main pages as well as as many of your sub-pages should have complete meta-tags that are very unique and focused on what the page is about. Also, your on-page content is extremely critical to pulling in multiple search results from the same page. Make sure none of your pages have duplicate content. Your linking structure is also very important. Having a sitemap is a great idea to list out all the sections of your site. A sitemap also allows the search engines to find and spider your content easier.

If you stick to these principles you will have a well-optimized site that is constantly growing and bringing in more visitors. Fresh content in my opinion is the most important part of your SEO efforts. If you want to work with Experience Advertising on your SEO strategy please contact us today for a quote. We are very reasonable and will only ever have you website’s best interests in mind. Thanks and have a great week! 🙂

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