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Online Marketing and Social Media Advertising for Events

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Are you planning an event and need to market it effectively online? There are many ways to market and advertise events online in this exciting age of social media. The key is knowing how to target the right audiences online in order to cost-effectively generate ticket sales and get a return on investment in the process. At Experience Advertising we have have been involved in event marketing since 2007. We have put on events ourselves, as well as handle all of the digital marketing and social media for several events in various niches. We have learned the in’s and out’s of event marketing so that every dollar spent by our clients is done so with a strategy, and designed to produce ticket sales.

We we manage all of the digital advertising and social media for events we focus on the following strategies:

  • – Search Engine Advertising (SEM) with Google Adwords and Bing Ads targeting your audience.
  • SEO written content for organic, free traffic.
  • – Premium online press releases to generate buzz and organic traffic.
  • – SEO videos to generate interest on Youtube and in Google. Also great for landing page content.
  • – Blog posts to generate organic traffic and SEO rankings.
  • – LinkedIn posts to generate traffic on LinkedIn and organic traffic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • – Click-to-lead landing pages with marketing automation
  • – Facebook Advertising – targeting people in the niche to like your page or buy tickets.
  • – Twitter Advertising – targeting people to generate leads, site traffic, or follows.
  • – LinkedIn Advertising – targeting people in the industry, region, by title, and company.
  • – Email Marketing – to generate targeted prospects that maybe interested in attending the event.
  • – Website Visitor Retargeting – advertising to the visitors to the website that haven’t purchased their ticket yet.
  • – Affiliates, Partners, and Referrals – generating referrals from email, social media, and word of mouth to the event.


These are some of the strategies we use to generate buzz and traffic to the events we market online on behalf of our clients. Every event has it’s own life cycle and niche, so all of our event marketing strategies are customized to our clients needs. If you would like to see an event marketing and advertising proposal please let us know and we can do one for you. If you would like a complimentary consultation please let us know!

We look forward to becoming your event marketing and advertising agency!


Becoming Your Event Marketing Agency: when you are looking to market and advertise an event you need a cost-effective way to do so without breaking the bank so you event up making in a profitable endeavor. In the past, event marketing wasn’t exactly easy, relying heavily on pint ads and postcard mailings. However with the upsurge in digital advertising and social media, promoting events online has made it easier to move tickets well in advance of the event date.

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