Linkshare vs. CJ vs. ShareaSale – Which is the Best Network Choice?

As a merchant looking to dive head first into the affiliate channel, you have a few things to consider before launching. First, you have to be willing to commit to a long-term affiliate program strategy that will grow over time. You also have to be willing to allocate and commit the necessary resources to growing your affiliate program. Most affiliate programs, when managed properly with intense attention paid to affiliates, will grow over time as more and affiliates come on board and start producing. Working with new affiliates and providing them the necessary tools to effectively promote your products and services should be a constant effort.

There are 3 main US-based affiliate networks that you have to choose from as an online merchant or lead generation company: Linkshare, Commission Junction, and Shareasale. Linkshare and CJ are the 2 primary networks that have been around the longest, however Shareasale has really emerged in the last few years as a very affordable and productive option. Since Linkshare has always maintained merchant exclusivity, online retailers have had to choose either Linkshare or CJ if they wanted to go big-time. I personally think all three are great and hold a lot of value for growing your affiliate program. I usually recommend Shareasale to merchants that want less initial risk but still want to create great affiliate relationships. CJ and Linkshare are pretty much a toss-up, but I personally tend to lean towards CJ because I’m just more familiar with the backend system and I feel more comfortable operating through there. I don’t think there is an issue at all by running in multiple networks simultaneously. Some affiliates prefer one network over another and it’s good to give them that choice.

There are several other affiliate networks like Performics, Pepperjam, Hydra, Rocket Profit among others that have show some good results, but overall you pretty much can’t lose with affiliate marketing if you run it well. Using the right affiliate management and recruiting technique is very important as well. Providing good ideas about how to actually promote the merchant on affiliates’ websites will help get more affiliates active and producing. If your company is looking for quality affiliate program management at affordable rates, you should use Experience Advertising. We know how to run affiliate programs in order to acheive the greatest success in the shortest period of time. We can be contacted through this website. Feel free to comment about this topic in our forum.

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