Organic Traffic Beats PPC Hands Down

“But how do I get organic traffic?” you’re probably thinking. Pay per click advertising is difficult and competitive, but sometimes it can seem as if it is the only way to make sales and capture leads – but it is easier than you may realize to get targeted, organic traffic to your website on a daily basis.

Experience Advertising’s CEO, Evan Weber, is an expert at driving traffic to your website, and he says that SEO website content is the secret. He and his team of US based professional writers provide online SEO content writing for websites and the traffic that it drives is never-ending. Pay per click advertising lasts only as long as the advertising is paid for, but online website content stays put forever, drawing in customers month after month and year after year. This gives you much more bang for your buck in your advertising budget and more search engine placement.

Pay per click advertising has a place in your advertising budget, but it should be run concurrently with online SEO content writing for websites in order for it to do the most good. The more targeted content you have, the more chances there are for someone to find your website, doubling or even tripling your chance at making a sale or capturing a lead.

Online SEO content writing for websites can include newsletters, press releases, keyword targeted articles, product and category descriptions and much, much more. There have been many recent Google updates, changing things up and making SEO strategies that worked well before obsolete, so it is now even more important to incorporate frequent and well-written content. This will help you rank better in search engines while maximizing your traffic. Google, Yahoo, and Bing love frequent content, and the ranking for your targeted keywords will boost quickly. The more unique, well-written content you publish on a regular basis, the higher your rank will go in search engines, driving much more organic traffic than you had believed possible.

Experience Advertising has the knowledge and the skill that you need to help you with your online SEO content writing for websites. With its team of experienced, U.S. based content writers, you will get the help you need to effectively rank your desired keywords fast. Visit the Experience Advertising website for more information or call 954-662-8010 and ask for Evan. He will be happy to speak with you about your advertising needs.

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