Reasons Why Online Press Releases Work to Grow Business

I have been in the Online Marketing industry since the late 1990’s and have seen a lot things come and go, but one campaign that has always performed and been integral to my marketing approach as been online press releases. I used to use PRWeb, I’ve even used those free press release services, but nothing in my experience works anywhere as well as

So, how do I know Online Press Releases work amazingly? Because I have been using them for years and I see the results. I honestly think dropping releases is the most cost-effective, effective online marketing campaign you can run. Here are a few reasons they work:
– they get your phone ringing
– they get traffic to your site
– they get stories written about your company/site
– they build inbound links from good sources to your site
– the get into search results and news syndication online

Need I go on? Of course it depends on the subject of the release, title, content, etc..everything should be written really well and optimized for SEO if possible to get the best exposure and results. However, not all press release companies are equal which is why I swear by The best, highest-quality syndication network of any company and are also great to work with. In my opinion, online press releases should be part of your monthly online marketing budget and done strategically to grow your company or website.

Yes I have a coupon code for you! You will save $75 on your releases with coupon code: EXP-75. Just go to eReleases and enter the code when you order your release. They also can write them for you too for a charge.

Just another tip for you in my on going effort to educate the world about online marketing!

Make sure to drop your press releases if you want to grow your company or site, or tell who ever is in charge of marketing about this idea, they’ll thank you in a couple of months!

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