SEO Content for Websites That Increases Google Traffic

SEO Content for Websites That Increases Google Organic Traffic

You have a website and you can’t get it to convert, so you run some paid search. It’s working okay, but it’s very expensive and you still don’t have the conversions and the return on investment (ROI) that you think you should have. Well then you definitely need SEO content for websites that increases Google Traffic.

Have you ever thought about buying online SEO content writing for websites? Content marketing increases Google organic traffic and typically has a better ROI than paid search, and it has the added ability to keep on working long after it’s paid for. The content stays on your website indefinitely – fresh, relevant content of all types that brings in organic traffic, and keeps on bringing it in. If, for example, your budget for PPC advertising is $2500 and you are converting at 5%, you may think that is working well – and you would be right. But that same money you spend in one month on PPC advertising is only good for one month. Online SEO content for websites converts at about the same rate – but it keeps on converting, month after month, and builds over time. That is much more bang for your advertising buck than PPC. (Note: we recommend an proactive SEO content posting strategies as well as PPC search traffic managed properly).




Experience Advertising has more than 10 years of experience helping businesses – any type of business (start-ups, Fortune 500’s, even local businesses) – advertise more effectively online to grow traffic and sales. Experience Advertising is a content marketing agency (also known as inbound marketing) powered by experts in digital marketing. The online SEO content writing for websites we provide can take many forms, all targeted specifically to the audience you need. Some of the items that Experience Advertising can offer are:

  • Website Content for SEO Purposes
  • Blog posts for SEO Purposes and Niche Targeting
  • Product and category descriptions
  • Online Press Releases for SEO
  • YouTube Videos for SEO
  • Website Content Audits and Re-optimization Suggestions
  • LinkedIn Posts
  • Article Directory Posts
  • e-Newsletter Design
  • e-Newsletter Content

Content marketing for SEO purposes, should be a part of your online advertising strategy, as it helps your entire website rank better. While PPC marketing has a place in a marketing budget, content marketing is a long-term strategy that will help you get and convert organic search traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It works not just once, but over and over, delivering the results that your business requires. Proactive content marketing builds traffic over time by building up the content on your website, and at the same time letting Google know you are a frequent content publisher, which is great for your website’s overall rankings.

Experience Advertising has the knowledge and the skill that you need to help you with your online SEO content writing for websites needs. With a strong team of experienced U.S. based writers, they will help you rank for your desired keywords fast. Visit the Experience Advertising Content Marketing Section for more information.

SEO content writing is an absolutely necessity to increase organic Google traffic over time. If you are looking to have content posts written for your website, please let us know and we can give you a quote. Our minimum project is 10 posts per month.

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