SEO Videos for Organic Search Engine Rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo

SEO Videos for Organic Rankings in Google

Creating SEO videos are a great way to increase your organic (free) traffic from Google and YouTube. Because Google owns Youtube, when you make a video and upload it to Youtube you are ensuring that your video will be pulled over into Google’s organic search results (often times within minutes, not weeks or months). This is a great way to gain organic SEO rankings for competitive search phrases, where otherwise it would take months, if not years, to get your website ranked for those same search phrases. We have demonstrated over and over again that submitting SEO-optimized videos to YouTube is an effective way to gain great organic search results in Google quickly, where the majority of search traffic comes from. These types of SEO videos are also a great way to explain your product or service on your website which increases your conversion rate, as well as demonstrating the benefits of your products to visitors. Here are some examples of the types of SEO videos we do below. We can’t show you a ton of examples because some of our clients prefer not to be included in these examples, so we will show you a few and some we use to market our own agency. If you would like to see how well these videos rank in Google, just search Google for the video title and you will most likely see them on the first page of Google’s organic results near the top.

[huge_it_videogallery id=”1″]

We can do these videos very affordably, usually in the $250-500 price range per video depending on length and options. If the video ranks well, they can pay for themselves many times over in a couple of month. They also have the benefit of lasting forever in Google’s search results and on Youtube, so it’s a great idea to order several per month targeting different search phrases related to your products or services. Over time, you can generate a lot of free search traffic and YouTube traffic from your videos which increases business. Here are some of the options you can include with your SEO videos:

– Professional Lighting and Sound
– 1080p HD quality for an small extra fee
– Choice of spokesperson – we can send you your choices beyond who you see on in the above videos
– Choice of wardrobe
– Choice of background image, white background, or green screen
– Include your: logo, text, website, or music
– Include product demonstrations
– 2-3 day turn-around for a small additional fee
– Provide your own script or we can write it for you for a small additional fee

These are some of the options you can specify for your SEO videos. Contact us today and let us know what kind of SEO videos you are looking to have made. We look forward to creating your amazing SEO videos for you and bring you tons of business!

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