Should Affiliate Managers Work on the Weekends?

The question of should affiliate managers work on the weekends is deeper than just is it more effective. With a large percentage of affiliate marketers working on their sites/blogs on the weekends, it is great to be able to respond to affiliate questions and issues over the weekend to deliever the answers in a highly responsive fashion. It also shows that you put in extra effort for your affiliates. Of course, I think affiliate management should be a 7 day a week effort, but many times affiliate managers working for large companies will stick to the corporate schedule and never really give affiliates attention on the weekends or at night. The affiliate manager would have to have email enabled at their house or on their blackberry to be able to get their inquiries after working hours. And then it depends on the commitment your affiliate management has to being as responsive as possible. Of course, I think it’s extremely important to be there 24-7-365 in order to effectively grow your affiliate program and help affiliates to become more productive. You have to satisfy an affiliates needs when they are focused on your program or planning to give it attention. So in my opinion affiliate management should be done over the weekend and at nights to be as effective as possible.

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