Top Affiliate Programs – What are the Top Associate Programs?

When looking for affiliate programs to participate in, one would naturally want to join the top programs. however, this isn’t always the best strategy due to the over-saturation of affiliates in certain affiliate niches. when looking for the top affiliate programs you should look for good converting programs. In Commission Junction, they give you a measure of the performance of their affiliate programs in the from of the EPC (earning per click). the higher the EPC the more money affiliate are generating per click. For example, if the affiliate program has a $32.00 EPC, then on average affiliates are earning $32.00 per every 100 clicks they send the merchant site. This can be a valuable barometer of the top affiliate programs, but not all you should consider. Some of the top performing affiliate verticals are: insurance, home improvement, online dating, online surveys, home improvement, and loans.  Should you have any specific questions about the best performing affiliate programs email us.

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