What are Meta-tags and Why are They Important to SEO

The three main meta-tags of your website, which help the search engines to know what your website is about, are the title, description and keywords tags. Meta-tags go into the HTML of each webpage on your site and should be specific to the content of the page itself. Well written meta-tags are a must to get good search engine rankings. If your meta-tags are the same on every page your site will not reach its full potential to ranking in the search engines. If you have good meta-tags on every page of your site you have a good chance of achieving higher rankings.

Start at your homepage and write your meta-tags to the specific purpose of your website. Many times companies will load up too many keywords and phrases into their title, description, and keywords. Keep things simple and straight forward. Your meta-tags should reflect the content of your website. Make sure to feature loads of unique content on your website as search engines like reading new and fresh copy.

Once you have your homepage optimized you can move on the rest of your site. Make sure everypage has unique meta-tags and good copy on the page itself. If you stick to these principle and add new pages to your site on a frequent basis you can be sure you will generate more traffic. Now go out and get to work! You can generate your own meta-tags here: http://www.addme.com/meta.htm

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