What is a Super Affiliate? And How to Find Them

How to Find Super Affiliates
How to Find Super Affiliates

Super affiliates are classified as such if they are good producers for affiliate programs or on affiliate networks. It’s pretty simple actually. Finding super affiliates is the challenge. But if you know how, you can really grow your affiliate channel into a formidable revenue producer. There are many types of super affiliates out there including:

  • SEO super affiliates
  • Big website owners
  • Content Publishers
  • PPC super affiliates
  • Online coupon site owners.
  • Loyalty portals
  • Technology affiliates
  • Bloggers
  • Email publishers, ie targeted list owners
  • Influencers
  • Media buyers
  • Other companies via partnerships
  • See more super affiliate types here

Most super affiliates are able to direct good amounts of traffic toward a brand or merchant’s website and produce sales and commissions on a regular basis. Everyone is alway asking, “where are the super affiliates and how do you find super affiliates.” The answer is: they are all around you! This may seem like a trivial response, but it’s really so true. Of course super affiliates are members of the big affiliate networks like CJ and Impact.com, but they are also members of smaller affiliate networks usually looking for niche offers or smaller brands that aren’t over-blown through search or that are a good match for their site or post. Through tools like Publisher Finders you can search for super affiliates, reach out to them, and get to know them. They are usually very friendly and will join up if you go about it properly, with a great approach. There are so many affiliate programs out there that it’s tough for a super affiliate to decide where to focus their energies at an particular moment. Usually, they are planning 3-6 months or more ahead of time for upcoming seasons like the end of the year holidays, Valentine’s Day, New Years, and other holidays or seasons that cause consumers to spend money online. They can focus heavily on product categories.

Super affiliates are also very good at following consumer trends and building out sites or blogs posts that address these trends with affiliate banners or links on the page. Recruiting super-affiliates is no easy task in the least. It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to win them over and get them to like you.

One of the best types of affiliates to have, that can produce like a super affiliate are partnerships with other companies. Brand to brand affiliate partners are one of the most effective, yet slept on strategies for growing your affiliate channel. It’s a proven winner when you can do reciprocal partnership marketing.

Super Affiliates are all over the place, if you’re using the right affiliates network and affiliate recruiting tools. You also many want to bring on an affiliate management agency (like Experience Advertising) to help with the recruiting and affiliate messaging. It’s very important to have quality affiliate managers in place that can devote the time and resources to your new affiliates and publishers. By “building the relationship” with your affiliates, you will gain more producers over time, and grow the affiliate program or network.

These are but a few suggestions to find and recruit super-affiliates. It’s now up to you to go get them into your affiliate program yourself or hire a company like Experience Advertising to do it for you. Or a combination of more than one solution.

Now go out and recruit some supers!

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