What is Lead Generation or Lead Gen?

Lead generation is the type of marketing that generates leads for businesses. The business world thrives on fresh leads, to keep their salespeople busy, so therefore there will always be a strong market for lead generation. Lead generation is really about people filling out forms on websites for more information on a particular topic. Some of the most popular types of lead gen are: mortgages, insurance, home improvement, debt repair, legal help, and other types of financial topics. Most of the lead generation that goes on happens on websites that exist solely to produce leads and phone calls. Affiliates can really benefit from the lead generation industry by building niche sites or launching a page on their site that describes a particular type of industry. When the affiliate drives the click to the merchant site and a form is filled out, the affiliate gets a per lead commission. This commission amount varies from industry to industry, but is usually in the $5-50 range per lead. There are many successful affiliates that are able to pre-sell the visitor on needing the service, so that when the visitor then goes to the merchant site they are more likely to fill out the form and produce a lead. Thats lead generation in a nut shell, please email me (evan@experienceadvertising.com) any questions or if you would like to become an affiliate of lead generation type of affiliate programs.

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