What is Pay Per Click or PPC Marketing – Google, Yahoo, MSN

Pay per click marketing is really an ingenious invention of the early search engines like Google and Overture (which was purchased by Yahoo about 4 years ago). Google is the absolute grand-daddy of the pay-per-click model because they simply produce the most searchers across the universe of search phrases. Since probably 90% of web searchers go through Google, they have a huge advantage over Yahoo and MSN to produce large profits from advertising revenue. PPC has given affiliates as well as Merchants an opportunity to ranking high in the Sponsored Results under basically whatever search phrase they want to. Yahoo has a bit of a stricter keyword approval process but as long as you are sending traffic to a unique domain or page on your website you are able to “come up” high in the search results for a per click price. Google, Yahoo and MSN all provide free click coupons for starting an account because they know you will keep spending in order to drive more traffic to your site. Yahoo has the second most search traffic and MSN is in third place. Basically every keyword has to be tested to see if paying per click actually makes you money. But once you dermine which affiliate offers work through PPC you can really leverage this great marketing vehicle. Over the years pay per click has gotten extremely competitive in every possible vertical but you can still find those really niche search phrases that no one thought of to get inexpensive clicks. PPC marketing is really an art more than a science. You have to know how to tweak the bid amounts just right to get the best return on investment. Let me know if you would like to know more about PPC marketing or would like links to those free click coupons. Now go out and drive some traffic! But be careful of the content clicks…

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