What is Pre-selling and Why You Need to Presell

Preselling is defined as utilizing copy-writing and graphics on your website to effectively prepare the visitor leaving your website to receive the subsequent Advertiser or Merchant with a want or need. Good preselling is vital to mentally preparing the visitor to visit the merchants website. If your copy is convincing and conveys the purpose of the products or services, the visitor is more likely to then make a purchase or fill out a form for more information. For example, visitor A finds my “Flowers for All Occasions” page in Google. I have beautiful graphics of floral arrangements and glowing recommendation of 1800 flowers. “1800Flowers is the best flower source on the Internet, they have an excellent selection of floral arrangements at great prices.” As an affiliate, the more merchants and products you review online, the more potential traffic you can generate from the search engines. It’s usually a good practice to focus on niches, such as Valentine’s Day Gifts and review various types of gifts including flowers, chocolates and jewelry. WordPress is an excellent tool for using presell reviews of products. Let me know if you would like to discuss preselling with me.

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