What is the Commission Junction EPC?

Commission Junction, one of the 2 largest affiliate networks in the US, uses the EPC to gauge how well a merchant’s program is converting. It’s basically an average of all the clicks and all the commssions earned by affiliates producing sales. EPC stands for earnings per hundred clicks. So, if you send 100 clicks to a merchants website and you get $40 in commissions, that would equate to a $40 EPC for that traffic. Now, when you extrapolate this out to thousands of affiliates and their commission you get an average EPC for each merchant. It is very beneficial to have a high EPC as a merchant because it natually attracts affiliates to join your program. If an affiliate goes and search for program in CJ by clicking “Get Links” and then entering a search phrase, the programs that have the highest EPC averages will come up highest and therefore get the most signups. If you are looking to launch a program in CJ or have your Commission Junction affiliate program managed properly, please contact us today.

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