Why a High EPC is Ideal for Commission Junction, Linkshare and Shareasale

The EPC is a number that every affiliate program on the major affiliate networks has, its like a batting average. EPC stands for earnings per 100 clicks. So if a merchant on CJ, Linkshare or SAS has an EPC of $30, it produces $30 for every hundred clicks that are sent to the merchant’s website. The EPC can be a very inaccurate number if the merchant is not expiring or kicking out affiliates that produce garbage clicks and no conversions. This can seriously skew the EPC downward. In CJ, Linkshare, and Shareasale, affiliates should look at a merchant’s EPC to see which offers are perfoming the best. As a merchant you should be trying to keep a very high EPC by keeping crappy affiliate traffic out of your program and working on making your website conversion rate to improve your click-to-sale ration. If you would like to know more about EPCs and how they work please contact me through this website.

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Evan is the CEO and Founder of Experience Advertising. He has more than 20 years experience and background with ecommerce website marketing. His skill sets include: search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, conversion rate optimization, and other traffic driving and community building strategies.