Why Choose Commission Junction for Your Affiliate Program Network?

Affiliate programs are the cheapest, fastest, and most efficient way to advertise your product on the Web.  For many webmasters, affiliate programs have become their primary source of income. Whether you are an affiliate, providing your marketing and advertising services, or the merchant, looking for affiliates to market your program, an affiliate network like CJ can greatly increase your success and profit.  You can reach thousands of consumers that you otherwise may not have been able without a productive affiliate base. In addition, if you are the merchant, you are guaranteed to make money because your affiliates are motivated to sell your product because they get a certain cut of the profit. Merchants should make it was lucrative as possible for their affiliates in order to spur production. One of my favorite affiliate networks is the Commission Junction Network, which can be found at www.CJ.com.  They currently have somewhere around 3000 brand-name, quality merchants looking for affiliates to advertise their products.  The good thing about Commission Junction is that most of the merchants have pay per sale programs or pay per lead and most of them will reward you with bonuses if you are a good producer. You will be paid on a monthly basis and your pay will be consistent, unlike other affiliate networks where you have to keep hounding to receive your payment. One of the things I’m not to fond of on the Commission Junction is the way that the User Control Panel is set up, and how the monthly stats are placed, although this is no big deal at all, just takes some learning. One of the best things about Commission Junction is that they report which companies are offering the most for their affiliate programs and which have the highest EPC. That way you can be sure to make an educated decision when choosing a company to affiliate with. If you would like to learn more about CJ, just ask!

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