Why Having Good On-Page Content is Good for Your Website’s SEO

You website’s SEO or search engine optimization is so crucial to getting all the free traffic you can in your niche from Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Bing. Just like your meta-tags are really important to having a well optimized website for the search engines, your “on-page content” is crucial to good rankings as well. Adding additional content to, or beefing up, your site’s pages can allow each page to rank in the search results under a larger variety of searches.

The search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN are literally scanning and reading the content on your website, so they can catalog and index it all for their search results. You content should be well-written and thorough. Never skimp on content when editing your site or adding new pages to your site. The search engines love original content, in fact they thrive on it. So you have to make sure your site is content-rich in order to gain good rankings when people run searches for topics. The more variety of possible search phrases you are mentioning on your pages, the more times each page can rank under those phrases. For example, if a page or article is talking about remodeling a bathroom, and you add a paragraph about remodeling the sink, that page could pull rankings for people searching remodeling a bathroom and remodeling the sink in particular. So the same page can pull multiple rankings and therefore get more traffic to your site.

So why is on-page content so important?
As previously discussed, the search engine spiders are checking your site’s content to determine what your site is about. The more relevant content you provide on your site, the more chances you have to rank for your topics of choice. It is ESSENTIAL to note that the content you place on your website should be unique to your site. This will help you achieve top rankings in your niche. Search engines are looking to give priority rankings to sites that are providing readers unique, high quality information that is very relevant to the topic of the site.

Acquiring good search engine rankings is only one of many reasons that on-page content is so important. When a surfer clicks through to your site after finding it in the organic search rankings, they are going to land on your article. Keeping this in mind, your article content should be informative, but have a steady flow into your call to action and your affiliate links should be present in the content and around the content to maximize click-throughs. For example, after providing a page of quality information about remodeling a bathroom, you can easily flow to an affiliate (or any) link saying for example, “Now that you have the knowledge about the steps involved in remodeling your bathroom, click here to find a contractor that can help!” Since you have provided the surfer with quality information, that was very relevant to what they were searching for, you should have no problem getting them to convert with the advertiser you are link them towards with your affiliate links and banners.

These are some of the reason why on-page content is so important. I encourage you to build out a large, expansive website that covers any many topics related to your niche as possible and you will climb the search results at a steady pace. Let me know what you think!

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