Why Keyword Choice, Match Type, and Conversion Rate Optimization are Critical to PPC/SEM Advertising Success

Why Keyword Choices, Match Types, and Conversion Rate are Critical to PPC/SEM Advertising Success

Paid search advertising works AND is the #1 source of targeted traffic on the Internet and has been for 15+ years. While other methods of online advertising are also effective, if you want to quickly scale up traffic to your website, you should start with PPC/SEM, but it has to be done properly and methodically or it doesn’t work as it should which is why many companies struggle with making the channel convert well enough. Pay-per-click advertising and search engine management campaigns can increase targeted traffic to your site through the tactical use of relevant keyword phrases. Basically, you want to be using the right keywords, and the right “match types” and adjust them as needed. How do you find the best keywords, match types, and manage them? By enlisting an experienced PPC/SEM management agency to create and manage a paid search campaign for your company, or to take over your current campaign.

The right keywords are integral to the success of your Google Ads or Bing Ads paid search campaign. Experience Advertising can help your PPC and SEM keyword campaigns succeed by:

  • Finding you the best keywords for your industry, niche, or area. At our digital marketing agency, we have several effective ways to do this. We’ll do in-depth keyword research on the most popular keywords and the most targeted keyword phrases associated with your product or service. These are the keywords that are most likely to bring targeted, relevant traffic to your website. Once implemented into your paid search campaigns, these keywords will start producing substantial results.

We also perform competitive analysis on the keyword campaigns of top-performers in your industry or niche. By finding out what your competition is doing right, we help your campaigns get you quality website traffic as quickly as possible.    

– Managing and optimizing your keyword groups daily. That’s right, daily. Keyword groups need to be frequently assessed for their ability to convert, and in the rapidly evolving world of online marketing, time is money. Continuing to run keywords that are no longer effective (keyword phrases that are out of season, for example) won’t do much for your ROI and using suboptimal keywords will cause your campaign to lag behind the competition. Daily management of your paid search campaigns is essential, but you or your in-house team may not have the time required to do it right. Outsourcing your PPC and SEM management to our agency can get you precise keyword campaigns that can keep up with current trends in your industry or area.

– Using the right Match Types in paid search campaigns can literally make or break the effectiveness and ROI. We typically use exact match or phrase match, as well as using “negative keywords” which prevent ads from coming up for phrases that are related but not ideal or not relevant. Using the proper match types and negative keywords, are absolutely essential to leveraging the paid search channel properly.

– Ensuring your website is up to speed. It’s not enough to just have a website – your website has to be able to capitalize on as much of the traffic it receives as is possible. You want visitors to take action on your site (leads, sales, or calls.) The better your website converts traffic, the greater your online marketing budget can be. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can help drive targeted traffic to your site with our paid search campaign management, and then help you make the most of that traffic with our website conversion rate optimization services.

At Experience Advertising, our proactive approach to keyword management increases traffic to our clients’ websites daily, monthly, and consistently over time. To discuss starting a PPC campaign, or improving your current Google Ads and Bing Ads campaign with Evan Weber, CEO of Experience Advertising, call: 954-662-8010. Contact us today to set up a digital marketing consultation with our award-winning agency. Find the best keywords for your company’s paid search campaign with Experience Advertising.  

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Search Engine Marketing - PPC SEM Adwords Bing ads

Search Engine Marketing – PPC SEM Adwords Bing ads

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