Why Organic Traffic is So Important to Your Website – How to Get More Traffic

Everyone always ask me, “how do I get more organic/free traffic to my website?” Wow, what a complex yet simple question. You have to ask yourself how much time, effort and resources can I possibly put into my organic strategy to achieve the most free traffic from natural or organic search results as possible. I tell people that first you have to analyze what you are already doing organically with your meta-tags and site content. First tweak this to improve upon what you are already doing. If you already have decent rankings then re-optimizing can get you more search rankings. Be careful of course not to “over-optimize” and lose your rankings, but a good tweak and lengthening of your Title tags can help a lot. Always having complete, unique meta-tags like the keyword and description tags on all pages is also good, although many people will tell you not to worry about them. I think the more content you have on each page in more places the better. Well-written content is also a good idea to give visitors something compelling to read. There are many ways to generate organic traffic to your site. Having a large site with lots of articles and other types of pages can bring more traffic by garnering more rankings. Think of each page of your site like fish hooks out there ready to snare a visitor. You should have thousands of fish hooks out there to pull in visitors from the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN Live. Search engines tend to really like fresh content that their spiders pickup when they revisit your site. If you publish uniquely written articles, posts, or new pages on a daily basis it will encourage the search spiders to revisit your site more frequently, even numerous times a day looking for new content. Their goal is to provide searchers with the most valuable search results on particular search query, so make sure you producing good, unique and valuable content when the spiders and visitors come. The search engine companies know how long people tend to stay on your site/pages and they value sites that have high-page views per visit and length of stay on site. Having an RSS feed on your site is a great idea because you can submit that feed to numerous RSS directories and ping others. Having a comprehensive and proactive organic SEO strategy is a must for all websites regardless of size. You should alway be trying to find new places to list your site, like sociual networking sites, blogs and forums. If you have thousands of listings in business directories, sites and blogs that describer your company, with a link to your site, over time you will have a greater volume of traffic to your site. Climbing up the search rankings takes time and should be look at like a quest for fire. That may sound Cliché, but it really is a competition whether you view it that way or not. Once you have achieved the highest rankings you can attain for your major keyword phrases, you can turn full focus on to building your site outward with valuable content. You can never go wrong by publishing good content on your website. This is only one internet marketers viewpoint…its up to you to forge ahead…however, if you would like to hire me for consultation on SEO, PPC, or Affiliate Marketing please contact me. Now go out there and publish! 🙂

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Evan is the CEO and Founder of Experience Advertising. He has more than 20 years experience and background with ecommerce website marketing. His skill sets include: search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, conversion rate optimization, and other traffic driving and community building strategies.