Why You Should Constantly Be Posting Fresh SEO Content to Your Website or Blog

SEO Content Drives free Traffic
SEO Content Drives free Traffic

Why You Should Constantly Be Posting Fresh SEO Content to Your Website or Blog

Every minute, every second of each day, people are searching online. You name it, people are looking for it on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Some of these searchers may be the perfect audience and ideal future customers for you, but they have to find you first. And how will they find you? A quick search on a popular search engine can bring them right to you, if you’re making the most of your digital marketing strategies. And that means posting content online – targeted, optimized content that’s provided to you by an expert digital marketing agency.   

Search engines love content!

Google, Yahoo, and Bing don’t want to see a dormant site. These popular search engines love frequent, relevant content and will rank your website higher in their search results if you’re posting new content to your site regularly. But if you’ve already got your hands full running your business and managing daily tasks for your company, and you don’t have the time to write new website content and analyze keyword data each week, get the content you need from Experience Advertising. As an award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency, we can help you implement the best search engine marketing strategies for your industry or niche. We help our clients get as much free traffic as they can from Google and other search engines with our cost-effective, comprehensive content marketing services.

SEO content builds your site

Your site may be doing OK, but as you now know, you can’t just let it sit there—you have to add new content to your website on a frequent basis in order to get lots of free traffic. And your site is made to be built-up with the right kind of content. Well-ranking pages are the perfect place for additional relevant content to be added. A blog page is a great space to post new, keyword-optimized content every week, or even every day. Offsite SEO content, like LinkedIn posts and online press releases, can help build up your online reputation, boost your visibility, and be linked back to your website – all of which can send more targeted traffic your way. At Experience Advertising, we can help you get affordable SEO content to build up your site, including:

  • SEO blog posts
  • Corporate blog posts
  • Online press releases
  • LinkedIn articles

And other optimized content to increase targeted traffic to your website.

SEO content pays off again and again

Once you start building up your website with regular content, it’s up there for good. Anytime anyone searches with the right few keywords, content that’s been posted to your site with those matching keywords can come up – bringing those searches to straight to you. Each piece of targeted, optimized content has the potential for great ROI, and can bring you the audience and customers you’re looking for now and in future months and years too.

Now that you know why you should be posting SEO content to your site, let’s talk about how you can get great search engine optimized content, affordably. At Experience Advertising, we work with companies of all sizes to maximize site traffic, leads, and sales. Posting search engine optimized (SEO) content is an effective way to get more free search engine traffic to your site over time. Get content for your website now or call: 954-662-8010 for a content strategy consultation with digital marketing expert Evan Weber. Find out how posting SEO content online can grow your business when you work with Experience Advertising, the best digital marketing agency for companies that want to advertise more effectively online to grow traffic and sales. 

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