3 Reasons Why Adding Fresh Content to Your Website Regularly is Vitally Important

Fresh Content for Websites
Fresh Content for Websites

Why Adding Fresh Content to Your Website Regularly is Vitally Important

There were two websites – the sites of two competitors in a growing industry. Both were professionally built. Both had detailed product description pages, photos, and blog pages. Both sites were off to a great start. 

As months went by, the first website was updated: product descriptions were re-optimized, videos were shared on social media, the blog page was built up with relevant articles. As a greater number of visitors started streaming in, well-performing pages were identified, and more content was added to these pages to attract more targeted traffic. The few things that kept the site from converting well initially were identified and corrected, quickly boosting its conversion rate. The first site really started to take off. 

The second website just sort of sat there. No new content was added. The network of potential customers on social media went untapped. Weekly updates to the blog fell by the wayside. Months later, the site looked just like it did when it was first launched – and so did its search engine rankings, and so did its number of daily visitors. Can you guess which of the two competitors became more successful? 

Adding fresh content to your website is extremely important. It can make a significant difference in the performance of your site and your success in growing your business. Your site may be good, but to stay competitive online, you have to keep adding good content to your website. Fresh, unique content needs to be added to your site regularly because: 

People are searching online more than ever to find what they’re looking for. At home, at work, even in a store looking while at a product, consumers are using search engines to find what they need, check out competing options, read reviews, and make a good percentage of their total purchases. At Experience Advertising, we create keyword-optimized blog content, action-inspiring product descriptions, and other SEO content that can help more online searchers find your site. We can help you make your site more mobile-friendly and improve your site’s conversion rate too with our website optimization services

Search engines look for site updates and websites with frequent, relevant content updates will rank better in searches than less actively-updated sites. Adding a blog page or getting new content for your blog is one way you can add relevant, site-building content to your website often enough to see improved search result rankings and drive more traffic to your site. Adding more of the right content to your website can send more free/organic search engine traffic your way over time. 

Things change throughout the year, in your industry, and within your company. Use these changes as a chance to build your site and get more visitors. SEO blog posts, online press releases, LinkedIn articles, YouTube videos, and other content posts can be used for new products and services, promotions and deals, seasonal offers, rebranding, and more, in addition to being an important part of your online marketing strategy.  As a full-service digital marketing agency, we at Experience Advertising can help your site stay ahead of the competition and keep up with changes through the use of effective and proactive content marketing strategies. 

Making your website as profitable and well-performing as possible means adding new content to your site frequently. Getting all of the content you need is easy thanks to Experience Advertising’s content marketing services. We can create a customized content writing package for your business and provide you with effective website content at affordable prices. Contact us now to get the best content for your site, or call: 954-662-8010 for a free content marketing consultation. For a better website, add fresh content from Experience Advertising to your pages. 

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