Digital Marketing Agency

Programmatic media buying represents the cutting-edge in digital advertising campaigns for merchants and advertisers of all types. The difference between traditional display advertising campaigns is essentially how much more targeted the advertising inventory is with programmatic ad buying networks. It’s really remarkable how precise you can get with targeting people on the Interest based on their demographics, interests, and purchase history…among other things.

For instance, if you want to run ads to women that have purchased from designer boutiques in the last 6 months, you can target them for your high-end online clothing boutique. If you want to target moms with kids in elementary school, you can do that for your online kids furniture store. If you wanted to target plus sizes women that shop for clothes online, you can target just those purchasers for your plus sizes clothing website or your weight loss products.

Essentially, you can leverage information on users from multiple data providers who know people’s buying behavior and other valuable data points you can utilize to target those users online with various types of display ads, videos, retargeting ads, and other ad units.

Another phenomenal feature of programmatic ad buying is that you can scale these types of campaigns, meaning you can continue to drive traffic and revenue profitably without reaching saturation, whereas previously in digital advertising, the issue of saturating your audiences prevents ad campaigns for being able to be expanded and grown while still maintaining the level of profitability that’s ideal for your company. So programmatic advertising really does represent an exciting advancement in the digital advertising industry.

Contact us today if you are interesting in running programmatic ad buying campaigns for your company. You will need a decent size budget to participate in this type of advertising because you need a “test budget” to run ads initially to likely targeting options to see which converts the best. Once you know which targeting parameters, demographics, and interests convert best, you can continuously run ads to those audiences and experience the same level of sales and profitability.