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Search Engine Advertising - PPC SEM Ads and Bing ads
Search Engine Marketing – PPC SEM Adwords Bing ads

Pay-per-click search engine advertising (Google Ads and Bing Ads) is still the #1 way to send targeted traffic to your website. So, you have to handle it really, really well because it’s very competitive and expensive in most niches. You absolutely have to make it work though because consumers are more likely to purchase or inquire for more information after performing a search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  It’s not rocket science…your paid search campaigns should be structured really well, and then actively managed and optimized by competent, proactive thinking account managers. And that’s exactly what we do here at Experience Advertising for our clients. Let’s get into the processes though so you are sure it’s not just hot air.

How We Manage Campaigns: We completely take-over existing campaigns if they are ready to go, or we launch new search advertising accounts and campaigns for our clients. The goal of our keyword campaign management is always to increase targeted website traffic and generate a good return on invest at the same time. The actual “ROI” of a campaign will vary based on several factors and usually fluctuates throughout the course of the year based on the seasonality of a niche or product. With that in mind, by implementing the right keyword strategy, coupled with a great website conversion rate (which we address as well), we are able to drive as much targeted search traffic as possible in most any niche. The goal is to out-convert and outperform your competition.

“We help our clients realize as much targeted search traffic as possible at the best ROI/ROAS possible.” – Evan Weber, CEO 

The Experience Advertising Pay-Per-Click Search Management Process and Strategy

  1. Analysis of Current Campaigns – all current paid search campaigns, Google Ads and Bing Ads, will be analyzed and suggestions on how to better optimize the campaigns and expand the accounts will be provided to the client prior to implementation. In some instances, structuring the keyword phrase campaigns will need to be done from scratch so it’s set-up properly.
  2. Keyword Research – we perform in-depth keyword research to determine which keyword phrases are the most targeted and most popular for your products or services. Additional new keyword groups will be added to the accounts, over time, in order to determine if they can produce additional conversions for the company. By adding additional niche keywords and keyword groups, incremental traffic and sales will be achieved.
  3. Ad Copy – each keyword group’s ad copy will be analyzed and tweaked in order to produce the best click-through-rates, as well as the best conversion rate once the traffic hits the website. New ad copy will be tested with the goal of determining the best performing ad copy for each keyword group. Leveraging effective, action-inspiring ad copy will increase the overall performance of the campaigns. Site extensions will be used to build out the ads into larger and more call-to-action oriented . Gold-star reviews will be added to the ads once they are collected. Company phone number can also be a focus of the ads if inbound calls are desired. Paying for inbound calls on Google is absolutely huge with the smartphone boom (some clients use this and some do not). All campaigns are tracked as to the number of conversions/sales and revenue of the conversions when possible to gauge the exact return on ad spend.
  4. Landing Pages – keyword groups should go to targeted landing pages on the website in order to produce the best conversion rate. This can be customized through to the products or services any company may offer. Current landing pages will be analyzed and suggestions will be provided to the client to increase the conversion rate of the landing pages being used with particular keyword groups and ad copy. A concerted effort to improve the conversion rate of our client’s websites and/or landing pages will yield better ROI metrics and allow for an increased spend on well-performing ad groups, thereby increasing overall traffic and sales. We focus on improving the current homepage, landing pages, and any other pages that are going to be receiving traffic from keyword searchers. Individual product ads can also be marketed in Google via Google Shopping, for merchants with product catalogs. We use cutting edge CRO tools to maximize the website’s conversion rate.
  5. Daily Optimization – We manage and optimize keyword groups daily based the conversions on the keyword level, so traffic can be boosted on well-performing keyword groups and decreased on poor performing keyword groups. This ensures the best possible campaign ROI for the various keyword groups. Effective daily keyword optimization will produce better ROI metrics as well as additional targeted traffic and revenue over time. Optimizing bids on a daily basis is one of the most important aspects of successful pay per click management.

    This is how we get better results than other agencies!

  6. Competitive Analysis – in-depth competitive keyword analysis will be conducted on the top competitors in the space using competitive analysis tools, in order to determine what is working for your competitors. Information garnered will be applied to the client’s paid search campaigns to improve effectiveness. This is incredibly effective at quickly scaling the campaigns we manage for our clients.

    This is how we fast track the keyword campaigns to success! 

The Bottom Line:
By utilizing these methods and strategies, Experience Advertising is able to achieve excellent results for our clients. By utilizing proactive, competent, experienced account management, coupled with daily keyword optimization we are able to increase targeted traffic, improve click-through rates, reduce click cost, increase sales, and improve ROI/ROAS across all managed keyword groups for our clients.

We look forward to the opportunity to maximize your company’s PPC/SEM search campaigns through our proven methods of PPC management

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