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Why You Need an Ecommerce Marketing Agency to Drive Your Business Success

You have goals to reach. Whether you’ve recently started an ecommerce business or you’re looking for ways to grow, success means reaching those goals that you have set for your business. The profitability and sustainability of an ecommerce venture can depend on a combination of factors, a few things that align in just the right way — but there is one factor that can give an ecommerce business the best chance at meeting its goals: an ecommerce marketing agency. Let’s dive into what an ecommerce agency does and why you may need an ecommerce marketing agency to propel your business to success. 

What does it take for a business to be successful in the ecommerce marketplace? And what can an ecommerce agency do to help business owners achieve their business goals? A good ecommerce marketing agency will have a wide range of marketing skills, solid experience, and will concentrate effort where it will be most effective. A customized marketing plan and ROI-focused marketing tactics can give a business the best chance at success. Working with an ecommerce agency can be a key factor in driving growth, increasing sales, and building up brand recognition. You may want to hire an ecommerce agency when:

You want to drive more traffic to your website or ecommerce store.

If you want a more profitable ecommerce business, you might need more sales. And to make more sales, you will need to generate more website/store traffic. But not just any kind of traffic. You want high-quality, converting traffic — site visitors who are interested in your products and likely to make a purchase. An ecommerce marketing agency can help you here, by advertising to your target audience and finding more consumers like them and by directing them back to your site or store through advertising that’s targeted and effective. 

You want to advertise on the best platforms for your brand.

There are many places to advertise online, and they all have their selling points. However, not every platform is the ideal advertising space for every ecommerce business. You’ll want to advertise on certain platforms based on your industry/niche, your products, your consumer demographic, and your goals. For example, a platform that’s photo-heavy can be perfect for photo ads and certain types of ad content, while a platform that’s videocentric will be perfect for video tutorials, reviews, and other types of advertising content. If your desired audience falls within a specific age range, gender, or other demographic, you’ll want to advertise on the platforms where they are most active. An ecommerce advertising agency can determine which platforms best fit your brand and will run ads where they will be most likely to reach and resonate with the intended audience.

You want to harness the power of social media.

Social media has presented a massive opportunity to ecommerce businesses of all sizes niches. A variety of advertising techniques can be used on social media to identify future customers, track and manage consumer engagement, build up brand loyalty, and create unique ads that reach the people they were created for. Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other popular social media sites have tons of active users who spend a significant amount of time engaging on these sites. Interacting with a target audience through ads, a social media page, comments, and promotions can help an ecommerce business grow their audience, interact with their customers in meaningful ways, and build up a reputation within an industry or niche. An ecommerce marketing agency can help you advertise more effectively on social media, manage influencer and affiliate campaigns, and help you to use social media marketing trends to your advantage.  

Your website isn’t performing to its full potential.

One aim of ecommerce advertising is indeed to drive traffic from search engines and social media back to an ecommerce website. Strong marketing skills and good ad campaigns are necessary, but sometimes that’s not all it takes. Sometimes the ecommerce site isn’t performing as well as it should be, and an outdated or difficult website has those new visitors quickly navigating away. Lost potential. Missed sales. A good ecommerce marketing agency will be able to troubleshoot site issues, enhance website performance, and optimize an ecommerce site so that it will encourage visitors to look around the site, view products, leave their info, make a purchase, and come back again.  

Your team needs some freeing up. 

Some ecommerce businesses try to do all of their marketing in-house — either by hiring a full-time marketing manager/team or by designating marketing tasks to their existing team. This can work, but often this approach can end up costing more money and more time than hiring an ecommerce agency, while tying up your team and keeping them from the other work they do to keep your ecommerce business running. Hiring a marketing agency lets you bring in experienced professionals who work on what’s needed, when it’s needed. It’s what they do best. Advertising content is created for your timeline, for each campaign, results are measured and communicated, and adjustments are made so that ads are performing as well as possible. A savvy agency will be able to identify your needs and understand what’s required to reach your overall goals, working within your budget and using tools of the trade to aim for maximum ROI. Many times, using an ecommerce marketing agency can help you advertise more immediately, more conveniently, and more affordably — freeing up yourself and your team to focus on other tasks.

You’re ready to scale your business.

Partnering with an ecommerce advertising agency can be a first step in scaling your ecommerce business. If you want to increase sales, grow your audience, improve customer engagement, see better customer retention rates, and boost profits for your ecommerce business, working with an ecommerce advertising agency may be a good choice. Running effective ad campaigns on the right platforms, reaching more interested consumers, and making the ecommerce process simple can scale a business — reaching and even surpassing growth goals. 

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An Ecommerce Marketing Agency to Drive Your Business Success

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