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Digital Marketing Consulting for Businesses of All Sizes

Scale with a Return on Investment

Would you like to take your e-business to the next level? Now you have the opportunity and privilege to work directly with Evan Weber, CEO and Founder of Experience Advertising, Inc., a highly-regarded digital marketing expert with more than 20 years of experience and success in the ecommerce industry.

There are many ways that Evan's expertise can help take your company to the next level, achieving the type of revenue growth and scale that you're looking for.

"Only by implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy across several online channels at once, optimizing the website's conversion rate prior to launching ads and all along the way, can your traffic and sales grow exponentially. By implementing ROI-driven campaigns in each online marketing channel dramatic growth can be realized, when done properly with an evolving strategy. There isn't a company or business, that I have worked with directly, that hasn't grow traffic and revenue significantly."

- Evan Weber, CEO and Founder of Experience Advertising, Inc.

Here are some of the digital marketing and Internet advertising channels that Evan regularly works on with companies on a consulting/advisory basis:

  • Search Engine Marketing/Advertising - SEO-optimization, content marketing, and paid search marketing (SEM/PPC).
  • Social Media Marketing - growing social network audiences and dramatically increasing engagement.
  • Social Network Advertising - effectively utilizing social network advertising to generate traffic, leads, and sales. Including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others.
  • Email Marketing - best practices for maximizing the design, strategy, effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.
  • Website Visitor Retargeting - increasing sales through behavioral retargeting, website visitor retargeting, dynamic product retargeting, email retargeting, and prospecting through audience retargeting.
  • Website Audits and Conversion Rate Optimization - including: website feedback, SEO audits, conversion rate boosting suggestions/tools, and website performance improvement strategies.

  • Comprehensive Online Marketing Strategy Development - developing an over-arching, comprehensive website marketing strategy across multiple online advertising platforms, all working seamlessly and in continuity.
  • Working with Internal Company Staff - turning your in-house marketing team into true online marketing and social media rock stars.
  • Customer Loyalty and Customer Retention - increasing customer spending, customer retention, and customer lifetime value (LTV).
  • Customer Service - improving how your customers are treated and interacted with by CSRs and Sales personnel.
  • Affiliate Marketing Consulting - increase affiliate marketing and referral partner acquisition, increasing revenue and ROI in the channel overall.

Plus more! Evan is truly the pinnacle of comprehensive digital marketing strategies, online advertising management, ad campaign optimization, and revenue growth.