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Corporate webinars are typically a very effective way to generating both quality sales leads and original content for companies. Increasing, people are interested in attending live webinars, and Zoom has become the leader in the space.. Therefore, it’s imperative to have a quality digital marketing and online advertising strategy in place to drive in registrations for your webinars. There are many ways to promote webinars that can work well at generating targeted webinar attendees. However, running effective digital marketing for webinars takes a lot of technique and know how to be done cost-effectively. You will likely need a great digital agency to handle your webinar marketing campaigns (like ours). Here are some of the best strategies we typically utilize to conduct digital marketing and online advertising for webinars:

1. Linkedin AdvertisingLinkedin Ads can be a very cost-effective way to drive webinar registration. Campaigns like: Sponsored Newsfeed Ads and InMail ads can work well. LinkedIn has phenomenal B2B targeting capabilities. There is nothing like it for B2B targeting.

2. Facebook Advertising – Facebook does have B2B targeting abilities and can work very well for driving webinar registration. Facebook Custom Audiences can be used to advertise the webinar to your uploaded databases. Facebook retargeting audience ads can ensure all of your recent website visitors see your webinar ads on Facebook and Instagram.

3. Email Marketing – It’s vital to utilize your own email lists to drive webinar registration. You must have a great email invite, excellent subject line, great invite content, and a strong call-to-action button to make it work as well as possible.

4. Search Advertising – Companies use Google Ads and Bing Ads search advertising to drive webinar registration. It just another form of lead collection from search ads.

5. Google Display Ads – Google’s display ad network can be used to advertise to your target audiences, as well as your website previous visitors, all over the web, in gmail, and on Youtube.

6. Youtube Ads – targeting various audiences on Youtube is a wonderful way to drive in webinar registrations. These ad campaigns are run through Google Ads. They can be video based ads or text with image based ads on Youtube videos. You can specific Youtube channels and even specific videos you want your webinar ads appearing on.

7. Native Ads – Native ads (which appear primarily on new sites) are typically used to advertise to the website’s retargeting audience, however some native ad platforms have the ability to target B2B audiences as well.

8. Blogging – writing a blog post is a good way to marketing your webinar because it creates search engine results and can bring in webinar registrations organically. Blog posts can be shared socially and even advertised on some of the above platforms.

9. Social Posting – posting about your upcoming webinar is a great way to let your followers know about it. You can even run boosted posts to your fans (to ensure all of them see it), fans and their friends, your custom audiences (customer databases), or new targeted audiences based on Facebook’s interest choices. So advertising the organic post should be part of the strategy.

10. Online Press Releases – it’s never a bad idea to drop an online press release through a service like PRweb or It’s another good way to get more relevant content into Google search results. Some journalists may pick it up as well.

11. Other Email Lists – it can be a great idea to partner with another non-competitive company with your same or similar audience, and exchange email blasts about each other’s webinars. This can be like gold to driving webinar signups.

12. LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Using Linkedin Sales Navigator is a great way to find and then invite targeted people on Linkedin to register for your webinar. We find Linkedin Sales Navigator to be a very effective way to invite targeted professionals to webinars.

These are some proven effective ways to ramp up your live webinar attendees. When you want to conduct effective digital marketing for webinars, you have to use a multi-channel strategy. The key is to have an effective digital marketing agency manage all of these strategies for you. At Experience Advertising, we have been conducting digital marketing campaigns for quite a few of our clients’ webinars recently. And they have all gone really well. Obviously, you need a budget to spend on promoting your live webinar. Typically, the more you spend, the more webinar registrations will be driven. However, the reality is that not all the webinar registrants will actually attend the webinar. Therefore, you have to send them the recording after the fact. Another great strategy, after the event, is to upload your webinar to Youtube so you can share it socially and email it to your lists. The webinar can be edited by a videographer and turned into several shorter videos or a “sizzle reel” can be created of the highlights and then used in digital advertising campaigns to drive people to your website for a free demo.

All in all, webinars are a great way to get prospects familiar with your company, show them exciting new features, how you can help them, or how you can work with them. Now, more than ever, companies are doing webinars to drive leads, so you have to make sure you plan a compelling webinar and then market it effectively online. In order to do this properly, and get great results, you should look at bringing on an agency to handle it for you. Contact us for a free quote on managing your webinar advertising strategies.

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