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Are you looking to recruit the perfect affiliate marketers for your business?

Tired of coupon affiliates getting credit for your entire affiliate channel? Well, you’ve come to the right place! At Experience Advertising, we have been proactively recruiting affiliate marketers for our clients for more than 16 years. Prior to that, our founder Evan Weber was personally involved in building one of the largest affiliate programs of all time with more than 15,000 active affiliates and 5,000 sale producers.

Growing an affiliate program to this scale isn’t easy and requires an amazing strategy to accomplish, not to mention a lot of effort. We are the only affiliate marketing agency (OPM) able to muster this type of affiliate recruiting effort for our clients to build their affiliate programs to levels that they often times didn’t think were possible. Here are some of the process and strategies we utilize to build some of the largest affiliate programs in the world for our clients.

Proactive Affiliate Recruiting Outreach Campaigns

Experience Advertising is renowned for its expertise in crafting highly targeted affiliate databases, each custom-designed to meet the specific needs of our diverse clientele. Our approach involves in-depth research and analysis to compile affiliate prospecting lists, focusing primarily on active affiliates in niches that align closely with our clients’ industries. By zeroing in on particular segments and categories of affiliate websites, we ensure a tailored, strategic approach. This exclusive data, a unique asset to our agency, forms the backbone of our comprehensive affiliate recruitment strategy.

The recruitment process is characterized by personalized engagement. Our team of adept affiliate outreach specialists connects with each potential affiliate through meticulously composed recruitment emails. These communications are not only well-crafted in content but also feature compelling subject lines, designed to pique interest and engagement. Depending on the client’s preference, outreach can be conducted via a dedicated client company email or through an Experience Advertising agency address, maintaining a high level of professionalism and brand consistency. Our method is grounded in a friendly, engaging approach, aiming to inspire affiliates to join our client’s affiliate program.

Experience Advertising’s methodical and thoughtful approach to affiliate recruitment underscores our commitment to offering distinctive, effective solutions for expanding affiliate networks. Our strategy is crafted not only to attract affiliates but also to align with our clients’ broader marketing objectives, driving growth and success in their affiliate programs. With Experience Advertising, businesses access a unique and effective avenue for enhancing their affiliate marketing efforts.

Additional Affiliate Recruitment Strategies

At Experience Advertising, our affiliate recruitment strategies are distinguished by the use of proprietary tools, specialized software, and exclusive databases, setting us apart in the affiliate marketing industry. We have developed unique methods that leverage these resources to efficiently recruit a diverse range of affiliates and performance networks, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Our approach utilizes our own extensive databases, rich with potential affiliates including marketers, bloggers, web publishers, and more. This gives us the ability to reach out directly and effectively to a targeted audience, introducing them to the affiliate programs and offers we represent. This direct and strategic connection is a key aspect of our recruitment process, ensuring that we match the right affiliates with the right programs.

In addition to our proprietary databases, we also engage in strategic digital advertising campaigns. These campaigns are designed to target potential affiliates who are actively seeking new and relevant opportunities in the affiliate marketing space. By using sophisticated targeting techniques and flexible budgeting, we are able to attract a wide range of interested parties, from seasoned professionals to emerging talents in the field.

Experience Advertising’s comprehensive and innovative approach to affiliate recruitment underlines our commitment to providing exceptional service and results for our clients. By combining our exclusive resources with targeted digital strategies, we offer a powerful and effective solution for building and expanding successful affiliate networks.

Experience Advertising is a leader in targeted affiliate recruiting and email-based prospecting across all major affiliate networks. Our expertise in this area allows us to grow the affiliate programs we manage at a pace and scale that outstrips other affiliate agencies and in-house affiliate managers. We often collaborate with in-house affiliate managers, taking on the intensive task of affiliate recruiting and messaging. By doing so, we effectively deliver new affiliate partners, enabling in-house managers to focus on building personal relationships with each recruited affiliate. This method proves highly efficient in both recruiting affiliates and swiftly initiating their active participation.

Our strategies, processes, and techniques in affiliate recruiting are designed to build some of the largest and most productive affiliate programs in the industry. Whether you are launching a new affiliate program or seeking to expand your current one with targeted, relevant affiliates, we are equipped to provide top-tier affiliate recruiting and program management services.

To discover more about how we enhance the performance of the affiliate programs we manage, we invite you to visit our main Affiliate Program Management Page. Our approach is comprehensive, leveraging our extensive network and expertise to bring about tangible results. We are eager to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

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