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Affiliate Recruiting Services for Growing Affiliate Programs

How to Grow an Affiliate Program or Network

Are you looking to recruit the perfect affiliate marketers for your business?

Tired of coupon affiliates getting credit for your entire affiliate channel? Well, you've come to the right place! At Experience Advertising, we have been proactively recruiting affiliate marketers for our clients for more than 12 years. Prior to that, our founder Evan Weber was personally involved in building one of the largest affiliate programs of all time with more than 15,000 active affiliates and 5,000 sale producers.

Growing an affiliate program to this scale isn't easy and requires an amazing strategy to accomplish, not to mention a lot of effort. We are the only affiliate marketing agency (OPM) able to muster this type of affiliate recruiting effort for our clients to build their affiliate programs to levels that they often times didn't think were possible. Here are some of the process and strategies we utilize to build some of the largest affiliate programs in the world for our clients.

Proactive Affiliate Recruiting Outreach Campaigns

Targeted affiliate databases are compiled for each distinct advertisers/client. These affiliate prospecting lists are based on targeting the active affiliates of a particular company that currently operates an affiliate program in a related niche to the client we are representing. Lists are also available targeting specific categories of affiliate websites in specific niches. This data is literally like gold and we are the only agency that has access to it in volume.

Once the targeted recruitment lists are compiled, each potential affiliate prospect is reached out to personally by one of our affiliate outreach specialists with a well-written recruitment email and subject line. This can be done either from a dedicated email account from the client's company or from an email address at our agency's domain.

The affiliates are approached in a very friendly, engaging way to sign-up for that particular client's affiliate program.

Typically, anywhere from 5% to 30% of the approached affiliates and bloggers will sign up for the affiliate program they are being invited to join. This is the most effective affiliate recruitment strategy that exists in the industry, in our opinion.


Additional Affiliate Recruitment Campaigns

Affiliate Industry Prospecting - At Experience Advertising, we own and manage the largest affiliate marketing industry group on LinkedIn with around 40,000 members. This list includes affiliate marketers, affiliate networks, bloggers, web publishers, and affiliate software companies. We are able to send messages to this group about the affiliate programs/offers we represent. This is another proprietary method we use to recruit affiliates and performance networks for our clients, that no other affiliate agency has access to. Which is a huge advantage to the affiliate recruitment process.

Search Engine Affiliate Recruiting - advertising for affiliates in Google Ads and Bings Ads for people searching for various types of "affiliate programs" to join by keyword phrase, in another strategy we use to find affiliates, bloggers, and web publisher actively looking to join targeted affiliate programs. Budget can be flexible with regard to this type of affiliate recruiting.

Facebook Advertising Affiliate Recruiting - we run targeted ads to fans of affiliate marketing companies and affiliate networks to join the affiliate programs we manage.

- Recruiting on the Major Affiliate Networks - we are the leaders in targeted affiliate recruiting and email-based prospecting on the major affiliate networks like CJ, Linkshare/Rakuten, and Shareasale. This is another crucial way we are able to grow the affiliate programs we manage far faster and broader than other affiliate agencies or in-house affiliate managers are able to. In fact, we often times work with in-house affiliate managers to do the "heavy lifting" of affiliate recruiting and affiliate messaging, essentially serving up new affiliate partners on a silver platter for the in-house affiliate manager so they can really build a personal relationship with each and every affiliate we have recruited for them. This is a very effective process for recruiting affiliates and then getting them up and running quickly.

These are some of the affiliate recruiting process, strategies, and techniques we utilize to build some of the largest and most productive affiliate programs in the industry. If you are looking for launch a new affiliate program, or increase the amount of targeted, relevant affiliates in your current affiliate program, let us know and we can provide you with a proposal for our industry-best affiliate recruiting and affiliate program management services.

To learn more about how we increase production in the affiliate programs we manage, visit our main Affiliate Program Management Page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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