4 Great Reasons You Need a Content Marketing Agency to increase seo traffic and revenue

Why You Need a Content Marketing Agency to Increase SEO Traffic and Revenue
Why You Need a Content Marketing Agency to Increase SEO Traffic and Revenue

Why You Need a Content Marketing Agency to Increase SEO Traffic and Revenue

How can you grow your business this time of uncertainty? If that question has been on your mind, you may have already been through the list: make sure your website is up-to-date, find and appeal to more future customers, draw more visitors to your site, get more former customers to return, improve your search results rankings (SEO), budget your marketing dollars wisely . . .there’s a lot to cover and implement. But there is something you should be doing right now, a smart online marketing strategy that can let you do all of these things to effectively build up your business. What is it? Making use of targeted SEO content from a content marketing agency.  

In the day-to-day operations of your business or brand, you may not be thinking of content and all it has to offer your bottom line. You are likely busy and there is always something else vying for your attention. But content is what fuels the internet. Content is what keeps people searching, clicking, and coming back. And the content on your website is what keeps it going when you are busy with the million other things you have to do. That is why you need to have quality content on your site and published across the internet, including the best SEO content for increasing organic traffic to your website. 

SEO content is quality content

Search-engine optimized (SEO) content is intentionally created to improve your website and drive in that coveted, targeted search engine traffic you need. Theoretically, anyone could come across your site. But did they come to your website on purpose, with the desire to learn more or make a purchase, or did they stumble upon it idly before navigating away? SEO content from an experienced  online marketing agency skilled in effective SEO content strategies can help you to attract more of the first type of traffic to your site: the people who are looking for what you have and who are likely to take action on your website. If you want to get more: 

  • Leads
  • Inquiries 
  • Sign-ups
  • App downloads
  • Online sales
  • Repeat customers

And other types of conversion on your site, SEO content is exactly what you need. The amount of search engine optimized content on your website should be growing over time, which can be only be done with a concerted effort made to write it and post it. This is why you need a content marketing agency to handle it, so it just happens.

With quality SEO content on your website, any and all of the people searching for topics relevant to your industry and your products will be able to find you more easily. These are the future customers you want to reach, since they are already showing interest and want to know even more. You’ve just got to make sure they can find you, and traffic-boosting. search engine optimized content makes it happen.

SEO content is strategic

SEO traffic comes directly from internet searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other popular search engines (but mostly Google). With more people than ever searching, learning, and shopping online day and night, search engines are working overtime to direct searches to the most relevant and valuable websites. When a site contains enough information matching a search – often containing pertinent keywords and phrases – it will come up among the search results. If your site doesn’t contain relevant content it won’t.  

The more relevant to a given search that a search engine deems a site’s content, and the more ‘active’ it appears to the search engine, the higher the site’s ranking will be in the results. Search engines will see a website as relevant or not, knowledgeable or not, active or not. A relevant, knowledgeable, active site is what you want, and you can have one with well-optimized SEO content that’s: 

  • Appropriate for your industry – There are topics that can make great search-engine-optimized articles, blog posts, LinkedIn posts, and more for every industry. Combining information about what you do with optimal keywords and key phrases for your industry or niche can take your content to the next level and let you see more SEO traffic.
  • Appealing to you target audience – Whether you want to reach a local or global audience, good SEO content from a content marketing agency will cover the topics that really speak to your ideal customers.
  • Fresh and unique content – The content that is posting to your website should be new and original. It keeps your site updated for search engines to come back frequently to spider your site and index your new pages of content. Hiring a quality content marketing agency for SEO content writing is a good way to get the original content you need.    
  • Posted on a frequent basis – Posting only once in a while won’t cut it. Getting on a regular content posting schedule (or having an SEO content marketing agency take care of that for you) will help make your site a top-ranker on popular search engines. 

An experienced SEO content marketing agency can identify the most beneficial search terms, keywords and phrases for your industry and area, targeting your desired audience and bringing in more website traffic.   

SEO traffic improves your search rankings

If you are way back in the search results, interested customer probably won’t find you. Searchers generally don’t click through page after page of results – they look at the first few relevant options and pick from those. Getting pushed back behind a ton of other search results can, in effect, bury a website and slow a business down. But when search result rankings improve, increased traffic, more calls, leads, and sales are often the result. Better search rankings can lead to more search engine traffic and a business or brand that grows steadily over time. 

SEO traffic is free

That’s why we love it! Once you pay for a piece of content or an affordable SEO content package, it’s yours forever. And it keeps working for you into the future. You can keep it up on your site as long as you want. And as long your SEO content is there, it can pull in online searchers, driving organic traffic to your website. For ROI and longevity, SEO content can’t be beat. Make sure you’re dedicating a decent part of your overall online advertising budget to optimized content from a content marketing agency.  

As a dedicated SEO content marketing agency, we create content that drives traffic. At Experience Advertising, Inc., we provide unique and engaging search-engine-optimized content for their websites, blogs, and for publication on a variety of popular sites. We work with each of our clients to come up with a content package and posting strategy that best meets their goals and marketing budgets. Let us know how much content you need or call: 954-662-8010 for a free content marketing consultation. Boost traffic to your website and grow your business or brand with SEO content from Experience Advertising, Inc. 

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