4 Reason You Need the Best Social Media Management Agency

Social Media Advertising Agency
Social Media Advertising Agency

Why You Need the Best Social Media Management Agency

A great website, check. Regularly updated site content, check. Online advertising through effective SEO tactics, PPC advertising, and banner ads, check. But what about your social media presence and social network advertising? If you’re trying to get more customers and scale up traffic to your site, you can’t overlook the importance of getting onto all of the most popular social media platforms, and advertising on them effectively. A strong social media presence and the right social media advertising strategies can help you grow your business and should be a part of your digital marketing plan. 

An experienced social media management agency can help you check social media marketing off your list, and let you start seeing the benefits of advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. With the right social media advertising and page management, you can see the definite, positive correlation between: 

Social media and customer acquisition

People hang out on social media every day. You have the opportunity to reach your desired consumer demographic like never before when you make good use of social media advertising. You can acquire more customers at any time of day, each day of the week, and anywhere in the world when you reach out to them on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites. Social media advertising doesn’t just make connecting with a greater number of current and future customers more convenient, though – it also makes for more personal and engaging customer interactions. Whether they find you through an invite or ad, or through a recommendation from a friend, if a customer connects with you on social media, they’ll want to find out more about who you are and what you do. Targeting and campaign optimizations are everything when running effective customer acquisition campaigns through social networks.      

Social media and customer service

Instagram, Facebook, and other popular social media platforms have opened up a channel of communication between businesses and brands and their customers, fans, and followers. Maintaining an active social media presence lets you share information, promotions, and deals with your customers – where they’ll actually see it – but also lets you get feedback straight from your customers, answer their questions, and address their concerns in an immediate and personal manner. 

Social media and website traffic

If you’re doing online advertising right, there are a few great ways to drive more traffic to your website, and advertising through social media is one of them. Creating social media pages and regularly updating them with relevant content can help more people find you, and then go back to your website to learn more. There are SEO benefits to having a strong social media presence, which can translate to more search engine traffic for your website and a greater number of regular site visitors. 

Retargeting campaigns through social network advertising

Running website visitor “retargeting” ad campaigns on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram are extremely effective at converting more site visitors in sales or leads. However, it has to be done with a great strategy and then optimized over time to maximize the ROI of your website retargeting campaigns. You can also use retargeting campaigns to market to your previous customers and email databases through “custom audiences” ad campaigns, which is a great way to boost customer loyalty and retention.

When we at Experience Advertising manage your social media pages and your social network advertising campaigns, we can help you harness their full potential for business growth and brand loyalty. Whether you want to get your business set up on social media, or give your pages the boost they need, our expert social media management services can help you. For a free social media advertising consultation, call: 954-662-8010, or contact us today to start effectively advertising on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. If you need social media management services, don’t settle for anything less than the best – hire Experience Advertising to manage your social media accounts. 

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