Evan Weber’s 6 Killer Ecommerce SEM/SEO Strategies to Drive More Search Traffic and Revenue During the Holiday Shopping Season

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5 Killer Ecommerce SEM and SEO Strategies to Drive More Traffic and Revenue During the Holiday Shopping Season

Search engine marketing and search engine advertising are still hugely important factors in driving targeted traffic and revenue during the holidays. Both your SEO and PPC/SEM channels require great holiday strategies to drive the most targeted search traffic, revenue, and ROI as possible. Here are some proven SEO/SEM strategies to make your holiday shopping ecommerce search engine marketing and advertising strategies work out well for your company.

  1. SEO Blog Posts – Ramp up the content on your blog! And make videos! You can post about holiday deals, ex. 10 Top Holiday Gifts for Kids for 2021 (insert product category). Numerous blog posts can be written targeting people searching for the top gifts of the year for various categories that you sell in. Check your Google Analytic reports from last year and see what search phrases brought people to your website during the holiday season, to guide both your SEO optimization and keyword buying strategies. If you can see which phrases led to sales, even better to guide your content posting and keyword advertising. If you want to grow your SEO/free/organic traffic you will need to commit to a proactive content marketing/publishing strategy. Contact us for rates if you need written content or videos, we have an excellent team of inhouse writers at very affordable rates. It’s a must.
  2. Product Page Content – this can be one of the most overlooked areas of SEO. Make sure to have well-written, unique product descriptions on your product pages. You can add holiday content to your product pages, such as, “This is a great sweater for those fun holiday office parties.” This will paint the picture for the consumer to increases and also is great for SEO by adding additional holiday themed content to your product descriptions.
  3. Google Tools to UseGoogle Keyword Planner – this is a great tool to find new search phrases and their volumes to add to your Google Ads account, as well as finding popular and obscure topics to write content about in your blog. I recommend using the Google Keyword Planner frequent especially for seasonal purposes. You can also use Google Trends to see what people are searching for across the board based on seasonality. Another great Google tool are Google Alerts, which can be used to monitor your brand, products, niche, or industry, which will keep you on the cutting edge of what’s being published online so you can replicate that strategy or emulate that strategy for your own company, It also give your writers great ideas for topics to write about from trusted sources.
  4. SEM/PPC Strategies – Paid Search (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Comparison Shopping Engines) – make sure your paid search phase ads are updated with holiday offers, promotions, and copy this time of year, especially for your branded terms and remarketing campaigns. Expand keyword lists into holiday gift related products and niche search phrases. Add holiday content to your product catalog/feed, titles and descriptions, so when people search with holiday phrases and terms you come up in Google Shopping. You will have to revise it back afterwards, but it could be both a way to increase targeted traffic and appear timely to visitors, which should increase conversion rates. Make some fun holiday videos to run through Youtube to your website audience and new targeted audience, to drive people to your website to shop.
  5. Retargeting/Remarketing Ads – make sure you are utilizing all of the retargeting and remarketing campaigns possible in your paid search accounts, and other retargeting platforms as well. This is a very effective way to increase sales and overall conversion rate in a high ROI manner. If you need your paid search or retargeting accounts audited contact us today for a free PPC audit.
  6. CRO – work on improving your website’s conversion rate for the holiday shopping season. This could be implementing new tools or revamping current tools running on your site. Also, you can theme out your website for the holidays with imagery and content. Your website should be timely. You can also ramp up the frequency of your promotions to your email list and SMS lists during the holiday shopping season, which is a great way to ramp up sales.

Thanks for reading these search engine marketing related strategies to optimize before and during the holiday shopping season. If you need an effective, affordable digital marketing agency to manage your paid search and/or organic search/SEO strategies, let us know. We can help you crush your holiday shopping ecommerce goals!

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