Access Quality Content Creators Who Love Your Brand and Are Ready to Promote It!

You know that you want your customers and future customers to love your brand. But what about content creators? There’s a whole bunch of publishers online right now who can help you start promoting your brand to a wider or more specific audience. Working with WEB publishers to promote a brand is a dynamic facet of today’s online marketing strategies. Publishers like affiliates, influencers, and bloggers bring with them strengths and abilities that can benefit many advertising campaigns.

The best content creators are not only creative, they also have an audience that cares about what they have to share. And that’s great news for brands because the best content creators will often partner with brands and companies that match their aesthetic and fit their interests. In other words, these quality creators not only share what they love – they’ve found a way to monetize it. Creators like influencers, affiliates, and other publishers are powering the social media marketing industry and driving billions of dollars in sales each year.

If you want to start working with publishers, you’ve got to find the ones who are the best fit for your brand. In order to use affiliate marketing and influencer marketing to increase sales, subscriptions, and site conversions, drive traffic, and build brand recognition, you’ve first got to make sure that a publisher’s brand aligns with your own. You’ll want to ask yourself things like:

What’s their niche or industry?

There are content creators for practically every niche and industry you can think of. You want to choose the ones who cover an industry/niche that’s the same as your own or that relates to it in a close enough way that advertising to their audience is logical and intuitive.    

What does their audience look like?

Before you partner with an influencer or affiliate, you’ll want to check a few of the audience analytics, including their:

  • Audience/follower size
  • Audience interests
  • Identifying demographics of their audience members
  • Level of engagement
  • Audience growth over time 

Will they love my brand?

This is the big question. You see, you need to work with publishers who will not only like your brand but love it – love it enough to promote it well on their social platforms. But finding a quality publisher usually isn’t always as mysterious as other types of love connections. By searching through pre-selected professional content creators and looking for analytics that will match your target demographics and goals, you can find the publishers who will be the right fit for your brand – and will work to promote it.    If you want to find the best content creators for affiliate marketing and influencer marketing, there’s a new tool that makes it simple. We’ve created the Publisher Finders tool to help brands connect with the quality content creators they need. When you become a subscribing Publisher Finders member – or sign up for a FREE two-week trial – you’ll be able to browse the content creators in our database, gain valuable insights about them, and reach out to the ones you want to recruit for your next campaign. Find the publishers who will love your brand as much as you do with the Publisher Finders tool.

Su Pang