Affiliate vs. Super-Affiliate

Whether you are an affiliate program manager, the head of sales or marketing, own the company, or are just part of the broader sales or marketing team, it is likely that you are constantly looking for new affiliates to join your affiliate program. However, what you may not know is that there are not only affiliates, but super affiliates. Having super affiliates at your disposal as well as regular affiliates can help your affiliate program succeed and generate more sales for your company.

Publisher Finders, the leading source of online affiliates and influencers, recognizes the importance of getting super affiliates within your affiliate network in order to expand your company’s customer base and increase overall sales and return on investment. That is why in this blog post we will be covering the difference between affiliates and super affiliates and why you should make sure to target super affiliates as well as affiliates.

Below are the main differences between affiliates and super affiliates:

1. The Amount of Revenue They Generate

The biggest difference between regular affiliates and super affiliates is the amount of revenue they can help a company generate and increase that company’s return on investment. For many regular affiliates, it is likely that you may end up seeing a more marginal increase in consumers from the promotion. However, it is typical for your super affiliates to make up the majority of products sold through your affiliate program. Thus, having super affiliates within your affiliate program is essential to its success.

2. Larger Audience Bases

Generally, super affiliates will have a wider audience than your typical affiliate, which is why they are known as super affiliates. This means that they can help you reach even more potential customers than your average affiliate. Additionally, since the audience base of affiliates are likely to want to trust the affiliates they follow, that larger audience base will also be more likely to purchase products super affiliates recommend.

3. Consistency in Performance

Another key difference between regular affiliates and super affiliates is their consistency in performance in regard to the revenue and return on investment they can generate. In general, you can expect to see exceptionally good numbers in the amount of revenue from promotions of your products by super affiliates. With standard affiliates, it can be much harder to know if you will achieve good results and are taking a larger risk.

4. Commission Prices

The cost of having super affiliates promote your products will almost always be a much larger exchange. However, it is for good reason as you are paying for more consistent exposure and results. Standard affiliates on the other hand will be on the more affordable side.

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